Things to Make with Ground Beef

Top 6 Things to Make with Ground Beef

You might know ground beef as that base ingredient used to cook chili, meatloaf, lasagna, or hamburgers, but there are many other things to make with ground beef out there. And you know what? It’d […]

Green Pajamas

8 Funny Christmas Pajamas for Awesome Days Indoors

Beware, this article must only be accessed by hardcore Christmas enthusiasts. After all, we’re talking about Christmas pajamas here. Some of them are even matching family pajamas. Are we good? Good! If you’re a huge […]

Keystone Pipeline Protesters

5 Keystone Pipeline Facts That You Should Know

In 2005, TransCanada Corporation came forth with an ambitious project: the Keystone XL pipeline. What this project is supposed to be and what it will REALLY do to the environment are only some of the […]

LOTR, One Of The Best Epic Fantasy Series

The 8 Best Epic Fantasy Series Ever Written

The best fantasy series know how to help you escape the dull reality of your everyday life. The best epic fantasy series, however, know how to immerse you, keep you on the edge of the […]

Bombay Sapphire Bottles Lined Up

Top 10 Bombay Sapphire Drinks (Recipes Included)

Bombay Sapphire is a deluxe drink that makes a fantastic foundation for cocktails. If you’re seeking something to serve guests or enjoy at a bar, Bombay Sapphire drinks are guaranteed to make your whole night. […]

Deadpool Backstory

10 Deadpool Backstory Insane Facts

It seems that almost overnight, Deadpool has managed to become the favorite superhero of almost everyone who went to see Deadpool in theaters and helped boost it as one of the highest-grossing superhero movies of […]

Famous Magicians

10 Famous Magicians That Shocked The World

Does magic really exist? Fortunately, we’re not here to discuss this particular topic, but rather the fact that there are some people who have managed to make quite a lot of people really believe that […]

Ariana Grande Facts

10 Ariana Grande Facts All Fans Should Know

Ariana Grande has rapidly grown out to become one of America’s sweethearts. It’s difficult not to consider it so, actually. She’s definitely pretty, talented, and has a heart of gold. Did we mention that she’s […]

Types Of Pollution

Top 5 Types Of Pollution

You may have heard the saying about how our planet is dying and that’s happening because of us. For the most part, that’s true. It’s the industrial and technological developments, alongside urban expansions and explosions, […]

Worst NFL Mascots - Boltman

Top 10 Worst NFL Mascots In History

The NFL, like most other competitions, has become much more than just a plain football league meant to be enjoyed as a form of family entertainment. It fell victim to the age of Millennials. Insert […]

Plastic Surgery Disasters

9 Worst Plastic Surgery Disasters To Cringe At

Word for the wise: don’t read this article if you’re considering ever getting a plastic surgery ever in your life ever. Surely, it’s not all grimness, demons, and complete strife, but plastic surgery disasters do […]

Most Powerful Pokemon

10 Most Powerful Pokemon for Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO! has only been out for a few days, but people are already accidentally discovering dead bodies, making police officers remind us to look both ways before crossing the street, and socializing near that […]

Greatest Sci-Fi Movies

Top 10 Greatest Sci-Fi Movies Made So Far

With all the risk of diving into this really dangerous territory, it’s a topic way too fascinating for us to be able to avoid it. Sci-Fi is a genre that has established itself as one […]