erratic eating

10 Reasons Why Your Metabolism is Slow

The metabolism of the human body is an amazing thing. It takes care of everything without us knowing anything about it. The food we put into our bodies gets transformed into energy and it keeps […]


10 Smashing Tips to Stay Focused

A recent study has revealed that almost 50% of American people who work in an office will work for 15 minutes before being distracted by something else than work. Attention span varies between people and […]

bride and groom

10 Wedding Rules You Can Break

When it comes to weddings, people are either traditional or modern. There are so many wedding traditions that are kept in these modern days that one wonders why people still follow them blindly. Is it […]


10 Best Healthy Cheap Foods

So many people these days believe that eating healthy is expensive, but that is as false as a piece of information can get. Good food used to be expensive decades ago, but that’s no longer […]

zucchini carbonara

10 Smashing Zucchini Recipes for the Summer

Zucchini is a wonderful, delicious and versatile vegetable that is cheap and available all summer long. It’s also one of the most underestimated vegetables in the world. It’s not too savory, which might the reason […]

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10 Health Benefits of Pumpkin

Pumpkins are one of the world’s most underestimated foods, unfortunately. Most people carve it on Halloween or eat it in soups and pies, but that’s about it. But pumpkin has a whole lot more potential. […]

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Top 10 Richest Football Teams in The World

With the FIFA World Cup happening as we speak and some of our colleagues here at 10Awesome being die-hard football fans, we thought we should do an article that’s related to one of the most […]

natural waves summer haistyles

7 Super Easy Summer Hairstyles

So long bad weather, cold nights and a ton of clothes to keep us warm. It’s time for our favorite season with its perfect sunny days and that feeling of endless possibilities. Summer is here […]

10 health benefits of Tomatoes

10 Health Benefits of Tomatoes

To me, the best summer food has to be a tomato salad with cucumbers, red peppers, a bit of red onion, fresh basil, olive oil and some mozzarella or tofu! We love tomatoes so much […]

vacation booze

10 Tips on How to Maintain Your Weight on Vacation

People usually let themselves go when they’re on vacation. And why shouldn’t they, right? It’s only a week or so, you get to visit new places and discover new and amazing foods. Why should you […]

10 Interesting Bee Facts

10 Interesting Bee Facts

Did you know that the worth of the global crops in 2005 was estimated at around $200 billion? Much of this value is constantly increasing thanks to bee’s pollination. You could say that pollen makes […]


10 Genetically Modified Foods

Back when people discovered genes and managed to manipulate them into creating something else, completely new and unheard of, manipulating the genes of the foods we ate seemed like a great idea. I mean, you […]

polio victims

10 Things You Need to Know About Polio Eradication

Poliomyelitis, or polio, is a highly infectious disease that is caused by a virus and it is spread from person to person. The infection with the polio virus is most commonly asymptomatic and the virus […]

Pink sand beaches

10 Most Unusual Beaches in the World

Not too long ago we covered some of the world’s best beaches and they were indeed great, but today we’ve got something much more interesting for you, our readers. Today we are going to take […]