Facts About Volcanoes

8 Facts About Volcanoes That Are Simply Mindblowing

What is it with us and our morbid fascinations for things that can literally kill us in one move? Well, for some of us it’s fascination. For professionals, we’re more inclined to say that they’re […]

Guardians of the Galaxy

All Superhero Movies Signed Marvel – A Ranking

With Marvel having just acquired the rights to adapt more of their stories all the way up to 2020, it’s safe to say we won’t find ourselves in a shortage of MCU productions any time […]

Dumbest Quotes

10 Dumbest Quotes Said By Celebrities

When you’re a public figure, you also need to be mindful of the things you say. You have the opportunity to inspire people, to make a change or, alternatively, to offend someone or make completely […]

Bigfoot Movies

6 Bigfoot Movies Any Enthusiast Should Watch

Once a frightening myth meant to keep children (and even adults) out of misty forests, now half a meme, half a joke pointed at people with a strangely big foot size. Bigfoot isn’t what it […]

DC Comics TV Shows

7 Best DC Comics TV Shows Of The 2000s

Here we are, talking about the MCU and DCEU and which one is better while we, for the most part, continue to disregard another branch of the superhero genre that’s really starting to grow in […]

Worst NFL Mascots - Boltman

Top 10 Worst NFL Mascots In History

The NFL, like most other competitions, has become much more than just a plain football league meant to be enjoyed as a form of family entertainment. It fell victim to the age of Millennials. Insert […]

Plastic Surgery Disasters

9 Worst Plastic Surgery Disasters To Cringe At

Word for the wise: don’t read this article if you’re considering ever getting a plastic surgery ever in your life ever. Surely, it’s not all grimness, demons, and complete strife, but plastic surgery disasters do […]

Most Powerful Pokemon

10 Most Powerful Pokemon for Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO! has only been out for a few days, but people are already accidentally discovering dead bodies, making police officers remind us to look both ways before crossing the street, and socializing near that […]

Greatest Sci-Fi Movies

Top 10 Greatest Sci-Fi Movies Made So Far

With all the risk of diving into this really dangerous territory, it’s a topic way too fascinating for us to be able to avoid it. Sci-Fi is a genre that has established itself as one […]

Shark Movies

10 Shark Movies for Shark Week Marathons

These are the shark movies that have left us with a profound fear towards the deep abyss of the ocean and all of the malevolent creatures lurking in its depths. We can judge the effectiveness […]

Meanest Celebrities

Top 10 Meanest Celebrities in Hollywood

Usually, when we think of celebrities, humility isn’t the first word that comes up in our heads. Given circumstances and the environment that our starlets spend most of their time in, it seems almost understandable […]

Friendliest Dog Breeds

10 Friendliest Dog Breeds for Your Kids

As a parent, one of the toughest moment of your life is having to listen to your child plead for a canine companion. Unless there are some health reasons thrown into the mix, it’s actually […]

Celebrity Wigs

Top 10 Celebrity Wigs

Source If there was ever any shame in wearing wigs, today it’s not so much. This is mostly because we’ve grown to understand the fact that it’s mostly a necessity rather than a form of […]

Celebrity Snapchats

10 Celebrity Snapchats You Should Check Out

Have you succumbed to the Snapchat craze yet? It’s not exactly easy to elude it, especially given the fact that it’s just about everywhere and that the developers continue to increase their user base and […]