The top 10 foods at the first Thanksgiving includes hardtack.

Top 10 Foods at the First Thanksgiving

The first Thanksgiving took place in 1621 and lasted for three days. After sustaining major losses, the fate smiled on the Pilgrims by giving them favorable weather and two helpers, members of Native American tribes […]

The top 12 AMA behind-the-scenes moments include the kiss between Meghan Trainor and Charlie Puth.

Top 12 AMA Behind-the-Scenes Moments

The American Music Awards took place last Sunday evening, with a lot of unique and interesting moments. Viewers were amazed by the performances, from Justin Bieber’s dance moment to Celine Dion’s serious tribute for the […]

Game of Thrones

Top 39 Books About Dysfunctional Families

Whether they present modern times or past, historical times, or even things that happen in the future, many authors have approached in their works the theme of the family. The most successful such books are […]

8 inspiring old persons - Kimani Maruge, studying in primary school.

8 Inspiring Old Persons

Old age is a very ambivalent stage in one’s life. Some cultures prize their elders and see them as the refinement of a human’s life, some … not so much, preferring the strength and energy […]

One of the 7 now legendary heavyweight boxers, Rocky Marciano.

7 Now Legendary Heavyweight Boxers

Human beings have an evolutionary predisposition to admire excellence and things done well, because potential partners ever since our distant past have associated this with better chances of offspring survival as well as the promise of getting […]

One of the 6 smart and important but hack susceptible items is hospital equipment.

6 Smart And Important But Hack Susceptible Items

The inanimate world is getting smarter everyday, with the computing technologies domain being crossed with all the other, resulting in some truly interesting, useful and until recently unimaginable interdisciplinary products or items that make our […]

6 celebrities who are also criminals - Jay Z

5 Celebrities Who Are Also Criminals

Everybody knows that being powerful has it’s (many) perks. Among them being that you can use your influence to get away with things that “regular” people would never have a chance. But it still hits […]

8 Halloween costumes to banish from your mind - Tragedy or Victim of Tragedy

8 Halloween Costumes To Banish From Your Mind

Since everyone is focusing on what to dress-up as for Halloween, which is indeed a noble, worthy and helpful pursuit, since the holiday is almost upon us, what happens to the other side of the […]

The Mothman is the protagonist of the Mothman Prophecies phenomenon.

8 Offered Explanations for The Mothman Prophecies Creature

The Mothman Prophecies are a series of predictions attributed to a winged, red-eyed humanoid creature, culminating with it having allegedly foreseen the collapse of the Point Pleasant, Virgina Silver Bridge in 1967, which killed 46 people. To […]

Speed 2 is one of the 5 sequels that ruined it for everyone

5 Sequels That Ruined It For Everyone

It’s true that some sequels are worthy successors to the original, adding to the story in a meaningful way that deepens it and keeps audiences interested. But more often than not, sequels tend to either […]

Sebastian Michaelis is one of the 6 historical witch hunters who burned people at the stake

6 Historical Witch Hunters

An adolescent looks eagerly up at the career counselor as he waits for her to begin. She looks up from her papers, stacks them neatly, puts them down and puts her crossed hands to her […]

Jack Of The Lantern is one story to use when making Halloween trivia questions.

Some Info To Use For Halloween Trivia Questions

Brace yourselves, Halloween is coming. And with it, among its many undead manifestations, most people’s dormant (and often not even consciously acknowledged) love of trivia. Which is, obviously not a love for trivia itself, but […]

How I Met Your Mother is part of the 7 good Halloween specials to see list

7 Good Halloween Specials To See

Halloween is coming in a bit more than a week, with all the creepy-crawly, pumpkin-fueled, Darkness ruled, feel-good wackiness that it implies. Including the only legitimate excuse each year to be even weirder and/or childish […]