Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Celebrity Plastic Surgery You May Not Know About

Getting a plastic surgery is pretty much like walking on a very thin string of rope – things can go horribly wrong when you least expect it. Sometimes, celebrity plastic surgery can go for the […]

Most Expensive Coffee

Top 10 Most Expensive Coffee In The World

A coffee enthusiast can tell the difference between high-quality beans and those not so much through small details alone. In many instances, expensive equates quality – the more pricey a product is, the better it […]

Top 10 YouTubers

Top 10 YouTubers Still Around

YouTube has gone through some notable changes since it was founded all the way in 2005. For instance, it’s no longer the platform wholly dedicated to bad lip-syncing videos and quirky cats. It’s a source […]

Famous Movie Misquotes

7 Famous Movie Misquotes That People Make

“Beam me up, Scotty!” What do you mean, that’s not the right quote? We’ve grown so accustomed to hearing and using certain iconic lines from famous movies that it seems downright bonkers to accept anything […]

Funny National Holidays

Funny National Holidays You Won’t Believe Exist

Some people inquisitively raise an eyebrow when they hear that pancakes are celebrated by a whole population through a legalized national holiday called Pancake Day. Our vast world celebrates plenty of funny national holidays, but […]

Tutankhamun’s gold mask

Ancient Artifacts You Can Find In Museums

There are some instances in which a particular museum attraction draws more people in than the museum itself. For instance, there are millions of people that purchase an entrance ticket at the Louvre for the […]

Science Facts

15 Science Facts That Will Blow You Away

Despite the fact that it’s supposed to be all about answers to questions, science is still a hugely mysterious area of study. Some discoveries have left even scientists baffled, so you can only imagine how […]

Makeup Brands

Top 10 Best Makeup Brands

The use of cosmetics can be traced back to Sumerian times, roughly around five thousand years ago. It’s safe to say that this industry is one of the things closest to stability we, as a […]

DC Comics

10 reasons why DC Comics games rule

With a tidal wave of hype about to land on us with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice arriving on our cinema screens at the end of March, the expectations are that comic fans could […]

Perfumes for Women

The Best 7 Perfumes for Women

How many possible scent combinations are out there? Fragrances aren’t an invention of the 21st century, having been around as included in a refined industry for at least three centuries. Funnily enough, historians have discovered […]

Aliens Film

7 Facts You Didn’t Know About the Aliens Film

Ridley Scott’s Alien is one of sci-fi’s most iconic movies, having spawned a multitude of sequels, games, and nightmares that haunted those who had the misfortune of watching the film as a child. The trope […]

Children’s Books

Top 15 Best Children’s Books

The imagination of a child knows no bounds and, truthfully, it definitely shouldn’t. Encouraging children to indulge in their creativity is something that’s going to help them grow up into open-minded adults. Going along with […]

Weird but True Facts

Top 15 Weird but True Facts About Space

It’s said that it’s difficult to find something that’s more generally fascinating than space and dinosaurs. No matter your age, it’s perfectly normal to feel excitement when thinking about either of these things. Understandable, though. […]

Celebrity Wedding Dresses

Top 5 Most Outrageous Celebrity Wedding Dresses

Celebrity weddings have always been the delight of the media. I don’t think either of us knows exactly why we take such an interest in two starlets exchanging vows, but maybe this is where “shipping” […]

Interesting Facts

20 Most Interesting Facts About Disneyland

Disneyland has to be one of Walt Disney’s biggest legacies, second only to the cinematic empire that continues to expand as the years pass. Contemporary Disney owns a number of big franchises (i.e. Star Wars) […]