Rose Quartz

10 Most Powerful Crystals for Feng Shui

Crystals are a great addition to any house which has been decorated based on Feng Shui principles. Quartz crystals can protect your home, they can clear and feed energies and they can look amazing in […]

Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys

10 Ways to Deal with Difficult People at Work

There is no perfect workplace. Even if you’re living the dream and having a wonderful job, there is still something that bugs you about your job and when that thing is a person, things can […]

goji healthy fats benefits of goji

10 Amazing Benefits Of Goji

We keep talking about the amazing benefits of healthy foods because we want to raise awareness to as many people as we possibly can. The reason for most of the diseases is food. We need […]

stevia indigestion benefits of stevia

10 Amazing Benefits Of Stevia

Stevia rebaudiana or just stevia is a kind of herb most people know as a natural substitute for sugar. This magnificent plant has its origins in Paraguay and is a great natural sweetener that is […]

antioxidant benefits of watermelons

10 Health Benefits Of Watermelons

Oh, summer how we love thee! We love everything about you: your splendid weather, your long vacations and most of all your fruits and veggies. As we all know the fruit that best describes summer […]


10 Reasons Why You’re Tired

You want to do things, you want to work, go out or see your friends, but you simply don’t have the energy to do it. You feel horribly tired all the time and you don’t […]

9 foundation

10 Tips for Choosing and Applying Foundation

So many people get foundation wrong these days. A lot of them don’t understand what it is for and many don’t know how to choose the right color and the finish. High-end brands make awesome […]

erratic eating

10 Reasons Why Your Metabolism is Slow

The metabolism of the human body is an amazing thing. It takes care of everything without us knowing anything about it. The food we put into our bodies gets transformed into energy and it keeps […]


10 Smashing Tips to Stay Focused

A recent study has revealed that almost 50% of American people who work in an office will work for 15 minutes before being distracted by something else than work. Attention span varies between people and […]

bride and groom

10 Wedding Rules You Can Break

When it comes to weddings, people are either traditional or modern. There are so many wedding traditions that are kept in these modern days that one wonders why people still follow them blindly. Is it […]


10 Best Healthy Cheap Foods

So many people these days believe that eating healthy is expensive, but that is as false as a piece of information can get. Good food used to be expensive decades ago, but that’s no longer […]

zucchini carbonara

10 Smashing Zucchini Recipes for the Summer

Zucchini is a wonderful, delicious and versatile vegetable that is cheap and available all summer long. It’s also one of the most underestimated vegetables in the world. It’s not too savory, which might the reason […]

pumpkin 8

10 Health Benefits of Pumpkin

Pumpkins are one of the world’s most underestimated foods, unfortunately. Most people carve it on Halloween or eat it in soups and pies, but that’s about it. But pumpkin has a whole lot more potential. […]


10 Tips to Create Your Signature Look

Don’t you just admire those people who have a signature look and style that seems to fit them so well? Having a signature look and style can really help improve the way people perceive you. […]