fatigue sleep apnea symptoms

10 Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

This common sleep condition called sleep apnea is characterized by the sudden blockage of the airway passages during sleeping hours. This blockage can last anywhere between 5-10 seconds. In more severe conditions this can lead […]

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita

10 Best Couples at the 2014 Emmys

We showed you the winners, the best dressed actresses and the most elegant actors and the 2014 Emmy Awards. Now let’s have a look at the best couples that walked on the red carpet. The […]

matt bomer best dressed emmy 2014

Best Dressed Men at the Emmys 2014

In our previous post we’ve showed you the best dressed actresses at the Emmy Awards 2014 edition. Every fashion blogs and magazines are making their top tens of who wore what and how. We had […]

cat deeley best dressed emmy 2014

Emmy 2014 Best Dressed Actresses

Yesterday we were talking about the 2014 Emmy winners and we celebrated our favorite TV shows of this year. We were sky-high happy that Breaking Bad won a lot of awards including Best Drama, Best […]

julia louis dreyfus 2104 emmy winners

The 2014 Emmy Winners

Last night we were glued to our TVs to see who will be the winners at the 66th edition of the Emmy Awards. Many of our favorite shows, actresses and actors won but there were […]

argan oil benefits

10 Amazing Benefits Of Argan Oil For Skin And Hair

Also known as Moroccan oil, argan oil is often called “liquid gold” because of its amazing benefits when it comes to caring and healing all sorts of skin and hair conditions. This wonder oil is […]


10 Tips on Reducing Internal Gas

It’s normal to have intestinal gas! The majority of adults release intestinal gas roughly 20 times a day. You would think that is a lot, but if you were to count the times you pass […]

allergies 9

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Allergies

Allergies have become quite common these days, but the reason behind that is not yet known. They’re more present in our lives than we would like them to be, but there is nothing we can […]


10 Ways to Kick a Bad Habit

A while ago we talked about some beauty habits that are dangerous for health and now it’s time we told you some ways to kick a bad habit. Kicking a bad habit can be very […]


10 Reasons Why You’re Tired

You want to do things, you want to work, go out or see your friends, but you simply don’t have the energy to do it. You feel horribly tired all the time and you don’t […]

9 foundation

10 Tips for Choosing and Applying Foundation

So many people get foundation wrong these days. A lot of them don’t understand what it is for and many don’t know how to choose the right color and the finish. High-end brands make awesome […]

erratic eating

10 Reasons Why Your Metabolism is Slow

The metabolism of the human body is an amazing thing. It takes care of everything without us knowing anything about it. The food we put into our bodies gets transformed into energy and it keeps […]