books like 50 shades of grey i once had a master

Top 5 Books Like 50 Shades of Grey

50 Shades of Grey is so much more than a series, it’s a global phenomenon of unparalleled proportions. The movie that going to come out around Valentine’s Day 2015, starring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, […]

Indie Love Songs

Top 20 Indie Love Songs to Listen to in 2014

Mainstream music can produce some pretty amazing tunes, but when it comes to love songs, the best ones are undoubtedly indie. Indie love songs will creep into your soul and win you over with their […]

harvard pilgrim health care 1

6 Facts about the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Program

The Harvard Pilgrim Health Care is a non-for-profit health plan program that offers a plethora of insurance plan options and self-funding arrangements to more than a million residents of Massachusetts, Maine and New Hampshire, United […]

Before and After Weight Loss Kim Kardashian

10 Celebrities Before and After Weight Loss

Celebrities like to believe that they’re just like us, but in fact, they’re nothing like us, especially when it comes to weight loss. Most celebrities have money coming out of their noses, they have access […]

taylor swift red tour

Top 5 Moments from the Taylor Swift Red Tour

When rock stars do a tour, they do it well. Travel the world for months if not years and bring their audiences joy and great music. Taylor Swift may not be a rock star, but […]


Top 10 Nail Polish Shades for Winter 2014

This one is for you, all you nail polish users and enthusiasts out there. As you know, it’s hard to stop after just one bottle or two once you start shopping, and this is why […]

Top 10 Time Travel Movies You Should See9

Top 10 Time Travel Movies You Should See

Time travel is something we all secretly wished we could do, no matter how cheesy it may sound. Even if it’s for fixing old mistakes, or changing some decisions we had taken, time travel seems […]

Top 10 Benefits of Green Tea

Top 10 Benefits of Green Tea

The English have definitely understood something about the health benefits of drinking tea as a reflection of their brilliant everyday 5 o’clock tea tradition. But is there more to this habit than an authentic sweet […]

Top 10 Most Interesting Jobs You Can Have in 20148]

Top 10 Most Interesting Jobs You Can Have in 2014

Interesting is subjective, everyone acknowledges that. No matter if you are looking for a cool summer job, or are dreaming of becoming a nurse or a successful lawyer, considering your options before making a decision […]


10 Great Homemade Halloween Costumes in 2014

When it comes to Halloween costumes, the homemade stuff is usually the most rewarding investment. It gives you the greatest satisfaction with the least financial investment. What more could you ask for? Plus, the fact […]

Top 10 Brad Pitt Movies You Should Re-Watch8

Top 10 Brad Pitt Movies You Should Re-Watch

When speaking of Brad Pitt, one might think that this post is meant to target our female readers. Well this is not quite the case, because as long as women usually regard him as being […]

Top 10 Romantic Date Ideas5

Top 10 Romantic Date Ideas

Romanticism is the key. The key to what? To romantic date ideas? You might ask. Well, the key to everything that makes a relationship work, evolve and enhance with new meanings. But sometimes romanticism needs […]

Top 10 Best Lipstick Shades for Fall 20147

Top 10 Best Lipstick Shades for Fall 2014

There’s nothing more sensual than a sexy lipstick. And both women and men know that. It doesn’t really matter what other make-up products you lack, with the right lipstick you can get the true, magical […]