Game Of Thrones - Shocking Fore-Shadowing Moments

7 Shocking Fore-Shadowing Moments In TV Shows

“Fore-shadowing.” A term that I’ve heard being used more and more in the last few years, and a technique that has been picked up by many writers and directors as an element of storytelling. I’m […]

Must Watch Short Animations Include Lily And The Snowman

5 Must Watch Short Animations

The world of YouTube is rich in content, that can manage to satisfy the needs of anyone who is able to find entertainment in video form. You can find anything, from cat videos, to professionally […]

Reasons To Have A Pit Bull - In Need Of Homes

8 Reasons To Have A Pit Bull

Misconceptions are a very human thing. Animals won’t ever judge us based on skin color, background, sex, religion – all things that are, ultimately, so trivial when running for your life from the sharp claws […]

Dog Friendship Pictures Can Also Be Professional

7 Heartwarming Dog Friendship Pictures

Dogs are amazing. There, it’s as blunt and straightforward as that. Ever since the homo sapiens discovered the capacity to tame wild animals, we’ve been gaining all kinds of benefits from it. Dogs have been […]

Leonardo DiCaprio Is Topping The List Of Actors Who Deserve An Oscar

Top 9 Actors Who Deserve An Oscar

The Academy Awards are by far the most prestigious badge of honor someone in the movie industry could wear. From actors, to directors and producers, from sound technicians, to script writers and floor scrubbers. Alright, […]

Tasmanian Gulf

3 Explorers Who Mysteriously Disappeared

We have always been curious about everything that surrounds us, and thus we have become the most evolved species on Earth. Many explorers braved unimaginable peril in order to find out the limits and wonders […]

The levels of pollution are part of the illusions about the past.

Top 7 Illusions About the Past

After watching those period movies and reading wonderful books that happen in the past, some of us end up having a brilliant image of the past in our heads. Others have even thought how great it […]

The highest ranked in the most mysterious facts about the Illuminati is the Eye of Providence.

7 Mysterious Facts About the Illuminati

The existence of the Order of the Illuminati has to be the most famous controversy in the world. While some completely deny its existence, others believe they are still active today, and that its members […]

The Victoria movie has been is filmed in a single shot.

7 Lesser Known Great Movies of 2015

Last year, we have all enjoyed highly acclaimed movies as well as long awaited blockbusters. At the end of December we all thought we have seen the best of the best, but there are some […]

The top amusing improvised scenes would not be complete without Zoolander.

5 Amusing Improvised Scenes

 Who doesn’t enjoy watching a good comedy to relax after a hard day? In order to amuse us, the scripts of both movies and TV series have to be witty and surprising, and that is […]

Brunei opulence

5 Weird Things Countries Have Spent A Lot On

 The fact that many governments are spending money on other things than the ones that would really help the people is not something new. Sometimes, the items that are bought or invested in are so […]

One of the movies that never came to be is based on the BioShock franchise.

Top 6 Movies That Never Came To Be

2016 promises to be an amazing year for all movie genres. We are all impatient to watch superhero blockbusters such as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Captain America: Civil War, X-men: Apocalypse or Suicide […]

5 popular New Year's Eve party locations - New York

5 Popular New Year’s Eve Party Locations

New Year’s Eve is tomorrow! Now, you probably have already made plans. In which case, congrats and party on! (Tomorrow. Today rest a little, alright?). However, if you haven’t made plans and are the adventurous […]

One of the 5 controversial artists is the one pictured in this photo, Caravaggio.

5 Controversial Artists

I know, I know, being an artist already means you should be at least a bit controversial, right? To quote Oscar Wilde: “I live constantly in the fear of not being misunderstood.” So, yeah most […]