competitor analysis

Top 10 Tips to Beat Your Competition

One of the most vital, though sometimes challenging, factors of operating an effective organization is knowing every detail you can gather about your competitors, their marketing and business techniques, how they pay their workers, how […]


10 Fun Easter Craft Ideas for Kids

Easter is few days away and its time you start on those preparations. This holiday is an awesome time to plan fun creative activities with your children. If you choose the right things to do, […]

Video Game Urban Legends

10 Weird Video Game Urban Legends

There is definitely a strong gaming culture out there in which people have their own folklore and slang. And because urban legends are so popular, it’s a no-brainer that games also have their own myths […]


10 Memorable Adventure Time Episodes

With 190 episodes of Adventure Time, released, it is very difficult to make a top of the best episodes. But there have been those episodes that have remained in our memory and have had a […]


23 Movies You Can’t Miss In 2015

A good movie is always the perfect way to relax and send your free time. Who doesn’t appreciate a movie that remains on your mind and turns into one of the must see movies of […]


25 Historical Facts About Vlad The Impaler

Vlad the Impaler, has been one the most feared leaders in history, and if the rumours about him are true, he was indeed a very cruel and unforgiving ruler. If you want to get to […]

Expensive Gadgets

10 Expensive Gadgets for Rich People

If you are ridiculously rich, we’ve made a list of 10 expensive gadgets that may help you decide which new over-the-top thing to buy. 1. Hot Tub Boat You can fill this boat with warm […]


The 15 Breathtaking Photos from 2015

Starting January, we’ve had the chance to gaze at some pretty impressive and awe-inspiring works of art coming from best-known and also uprising photographers around the world. Whether they are depicting daily life, moments in […]


10 Bruce Willis Movies You Have To Watch

Bruce Willis is an actor we have mainly seen in action and sic-fi movies, and has become one of the most iconic action actors.Lets look at a list of 10 of Bruce Willis movies that can’t […]

Things from Movies We Wish Were Real

10 Things from Movies We Wish Were Real

Admit it. You always wanted something you saw in a movie. It would be an awesome thing if we could actually get the things we see in entertainment. Here is our list of 10 things […]

Websites That Show the Decay of the Society

4 Websites That Show the Decay of the Society

You can view the internet just like a gigantic brain, where the individuals, like neurons, fire bad and most of the time useless ideas and information. Forget about Facebook or Twitter, because they only give […]

Ships That Vanished

7 Ships That Vanished and Were Never Found

Over the time there have been a lot of ships that have vanished from the face of the Earth never to be found again. Here is our list of 7 ships that vanished and were […]

Presidential Inventions

8 Weird Presidential Inventions

There are numerous things that we use that were inspired or invented by U.S. presidents. Even though all of them (or at least most) were hated by some of the people they served, we remember […]

Recurring The Walking Dead Plotlines

5 Recurring The Walking Dead Plotlines

We just saw the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead and it looks like the show is improving. It’s pleasantly different and for a TV show that depended so much on rehashing the same old […]


10 Horror Tales about Hitchhiking

Now it’s a known fact that picking up hitchhikers is a very dangerous activity but in the past this was a very common thing to do. Many things, including these tales about hitchhiking are what […]