Things from Movies We Wish Were Real

10 Things from Movies We Wish Were Real

Admit it. You always wanted something you saw in a movie. It would be an awesome thing if we could actually get the things we see in entertainment. Here is our list of 10 things […]

Websites That Show the Decay of the Society

4 Websites That Show the Decay of the Society

You can view the internet just like a gigantic brain, where the individuals, like neurons, fire bad and most of the time useless ideas and information. Forget about Facebook or Twitter, because they only give […]

Ships That Vanished

7 Ships That Vanished and Were Never Found

Over the time there have been a lot of ships that have vanished from the face of the Earth never to be found again. Here is our list of 7 ships that vanished and were […]

Presidential Inventions

8 Weird Presidential Inventions

There are numerous things that we use that were inspired or invented by U.S. presidents. Even though all of them (or at least most) were hated by some of the people they served, we remember […]

Recurring The Walking Dead Plotlines

5 Recurring The Walking Dead Plotlines

We just saw the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead and it looks like the show is improving. It’s pleasantly different and for a TV show that depended so much on rehashing the same old […]


10 Horror Tales about Hitchhiking

Now it’s a known fact that picking up hitchhikers is a very dangerous activity but in the past this was a very common thing to do. Many things, including these tales about hitchhiking are what […]

upcoming movies 2015

12 Exciting Upcoming Movies for 2015

2015 promises to be a great year for movies if you take a look at all the exciting movie names, producers and casts. However, as expected, some movies have a notably bigger impact on the […]

how to decorate small spaces

10 Tricks on How to Decorate Your Small Space

You don’t have much to work with when it comes to small spaces… Or do you? People tend to think that you cannot work a lot with small spaces mainly because, well, they are small. […]


10 Famous Tattoo Artists

Tattoos are art and not just something you get while being half passed out in Las Vegas one night. They should be beautiful and only be done by people who know exactly what they are […]


10 Epic Rap Battles of History

Image source: It has come to the point where pretty much everyone has heard of “Epic Rap Battles of History”. So we present to you what we think are the 10 best. 1. Barack Obama […]


5 World War One Mysteries Still Unsolved

Even though our grand-grandparents were still kids when World War One was ending it’s part of our history and poets have written about it, movies have been made and more than one video game tried […]

quentin tarantino movies kill bill 1

10 Best Quentin Tarantino Movies

Lots of violence, blood, gore, funky music, guns and drugs. That words pretty much describe your average Quentin Tarantino movie. Many people believe that Quentin Tarantino is a genius, while others say that he’s just […]