10 Ultra-Cool Vintage Pinup Posters

Everybody loves vintage pinup posters because they manage to express qualities that today’s world seems to have lost. They have an understated, sweet and still sexy kind of eroticism to them, that is not at all showy or vulgar, yet manages to seduce. They are glamorous, they come from a time in history when life seemed simpler (the 1950s an 1960s), and they’re colorful and cheerful at the same time.

1. Smokin’ Beauty

This classic vintage pinup poster by Alberto Vargas reminds us of the sexy, sultry look projected by Lauren Bacall in the movies she shot throughout the 1940s and 50s. This girl is emancipated, since she’s smoking, she’s glamorous, due to her hairstyle, and she’s got a picture perfect face. Classic pin-up cool!

2. Al Moore Pinup

This famous Al Moore pinup depicts an image that is entirely typical of vintage pinup posters. The girl is scantily dressed and entirely comfortable. She was surprised during a casual situation – just talking to a girlfriend on the phone, while also petting the adorable, fluffy little kitten that was just happening to pass through. Spontaneity, girlish charm and a bit of skin make this a classic pinup.

3. Martini Glass Flirt

The next addition to our vintage pinup posters list is much more daring. The girl is featured in a very seductive pose, and the silk evening dress she’s got on confirms that concept. Not only this, she is also temptingly holding up a sleek glass of Martini, the ‘it’ drink of that era. It’s sexy, it’s a bit bold, and it is very, very alluring.

4. Doggy Dasher

This item on our list of vintage pinup posters adds humor to the mix. Here’s a tall, sultry, sexy looking diva, whose lapdog is… doggedly pulling at her silk nightie. She’s cute, she’s got an alluring pout and her old-world charm makes her look very desirable.

5. Red Hot

Red is always the color of passion, as proven once again by this ginger-haired beauty, casually lounging in her chair. She’s also wearing a skin-tight, revealing outfit, very typical of what was considered sexy in the 50s and 60s.

6. That Low Down Feeling

Talk about cool vintage pinup posters! This suggestive image was created in 1957 by pinup poster classic icon Gil Elvgren. It contains all the elements of a successful design – the cute girl, the sexy, yet not too revealing outfit and, most importantly, it communicates emotion, feeling and a story. You, the viewer, are made to want to get to know this girl.

7. See-Through Cutie

Imagine how this cutie graced soldiers’ tents and truckers’ cabins in her day. She sure is a sight for sore eyes, and her black, semi-see through nightie is very inviting for one’s imagination.

8. Hawaiian Pinup

This exotic beauty was created by renowned pinup artist Al Moor. The Hula Girl is typical of trend that was doing great at the time, as all of America was fascinated with sights, scents, tastes and, of course, beauties of Hawaii.

9. Bathing Suit Bombshell

A classic blonde beauty in a classic bathing suit design in a very classic pose. The girl’s look is sort of reminiscent of bombshell Lana Turner, who was very in at the time. The outfit and the pose are superb and the great thing about them is that they are still current, even if they may be several decades old.

10. Look Out Below

Created in 1956 by Gil Elvgren, this fun vintage pinup poster is all about living in the moment. The girl is daring, funny and flexible, and she’s also not afraid of taking a couple of risks. For all these reasons, as well as for the great drawing techniques and selection of colors, this is one great vintage pinup poster.

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