10 Best Coffee Brands in America

Consumers’ preferences in what the best coffee  in the world is may differ, depending on individual tastes, but when reviewing the best coffee brands in America, there are 10 that always appear among the favorites. In addition, figures don’t lie: this list of the best coffee brands is based on the percentage of store sales:

1. Folgers

coffee brands1

Folgers makes great coffee and the many people who drink it every morning will agree with me. With a market share of 21.6 %, this is the best coffee you can find in the United States, and one of the best in the world.

2.  Maxwell house

coffee brands2

One of the largest coffee brands ever is Maxwell house, which was created back in 1892, and was served first at Maxwell House hotel, in Nashville. The slogan of the company for many years was “Good to the last drop”, a sentence which was allegedly used by President Roosevelt to describe the coffee which was served to him.

3.  Starbucks

coffee brands3

Starbucks is known not only in America, but all over the world for its great quality products. The largest coffee company in the world and one of the best coffee brands ever is nevertheless the third in the consumer’s preferences and has a 9.75% market share.

4. Folgers Coffeehouse

coffee brands4

Here comes Folgers again, and seeing it two times on this list is an argument enough for the quality of this product. The Folgers coffeehouse is a subsidiary line of the main brand which belongs to Proctor and Gamble.

5. Maxwell House Master Blend

coffee brands5

This is a gourmet follow-up of the Maxwell House brand which was introduced in 1981. It is a type of higher-yield ground coffee which is preferred by 3.99 % of the consumers and it is considered one of the best coffee brands in the world.

6. Chock Full O’Nuts

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This is a brand of coffee which was created by the chain of lunch counters with the same name, in 1932. After being sold together with sandwiches at the Chock Full O’Nuts restaurants, the coffee brand was introduced in supermarkets in 1953.

7. Millstone

coffee brands7

One of the best reasons to wake up in the morning is to drink a cup of Millstone coffee, many consumers claim. This coffee brand was privately owned until 1996, when Proctor and Gamble took it over. Millstone has 2, 24% of the market share.

8. Seattle’s best

seattle's best

This subsidiary of Starbucks has its own stores in USA and Canada where it sells the Seattle’s Best Coffee. One of the best coffee brands in the country, it is cheaper than  Starbucks and many would claim that it is equally tasty.

9. Eight O’Clock Coffee

coffee brands7

This coffee brand was owned by the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company until 2003, when it was sold to an investing company. Thus, the Eight O’Clock Coffee Company was created.

10. Yuban

Yuban is one of the best coffee brands, for its taste and for being environmental friendly: this company (owned by Kraft Foods) claims to help protecting the environment and the wildlife in regions where coffee is cultivated.




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