Top 10 Worst Processed Foods to Eat

The world we live in has made it hard for us to stay healthy – there’s cheap food everywhere, as if that is the main attribute we need our food to be. We’ve forgotten how to nourish our bodies and instead we’re feeding our physical hunger. Sure, a hot dog will fill your hungry stomach, but what is it doing to your body? What are your cells getting from it? Vitamins, nutrients and minerals? Most certainly not! That is why we’re getting ill, because our bodies are starving for the elements it needs to stay healthy. We’re sick, overweight and sluggish because we eat the wrong foods. If you want to turn over a new leaf and do something for your health, start slowly, eliminate the worst processed foods possible, like the ones in this article, start exercising at least three times a week and even eat foods that lower your cholesterol. Do something good for your body and it will do something good for you in return.

10. Microwave popcorn


Microwave popcorn is a popular movie snack and it will do a decent job of satisfying your salt cravings but we’ll have you know that it is a very unhealthy snack. The corn used to make this popcorn is genetically modified and there is so much salt in a bag of microwave popcorn to sedate a village – we all know how bad salt is for the heart. It also contains diacetyl, a chemical proven to harm lungs. If you feel like eating popcorn, pop your own organic corn with palm or coconut oil.

9. Processed Meat – Worst Food: Processed Meat


First of all, let’s see what falls into the category of processed meats – basically if it’s gone through anything more than being cut or ground up, then it is safe to say that it’s processed. Sandwich meats, bacon, sausage or the worst kind of meat – canned meat! Why are they so evil? Because smoking, curing, salting or preserving with chemicals will increase the risk of developing colon cancer. They’re also full of salt, cholesterol and have very few nutrients.

8. Frozen Meals


Have you ever looked at the ingredient list on the back of a frozen meal? If you haven’t, then let us tell you that it’s huge! Those tiny meals are full of artificial ingredients and preservatives that you would have a hard time giving it to your pet, let alone eating it yourself. For example, a frozen meal of a popular chicken pot pie contains 1,000 calories per serving – that is HALF of what an adult person should consume a day. PS: An apple has 80 calories and an average banana, 100.

7. Doughnuts


An empty calorie is a calorie which does not bring any other benefit except energy – no vitamins, no minerals, nothing! And doughnuts are the perfect example of calorie bombs – they are made with white flour that has been stripped from all the fiber and vitamins, refined sugar and trans fats – a single doughnut can have up to 20 grams of fat, so one fifth of a doughnut’s weight is fat!

6. Granola Bars


You’d think that a granola bar is good for you – well, it would be if it wasn’t so damn sweet. It’s the high amounts of high fructose corn syrup that it is added to them, that makes them so unhealthy. Even the marketing is completely wrong, let’s take, for example a granola bar with honey – it does have honey, but only minute amounts! Instead of having these, you could suck on sugar cubes and you would get fewer calories in your system.

5. Soda


Look at that picture and tell us what’s wrong with it – yes, that much soda has that much sugar. Imagine making yourself the same amount of coffee and put that much sugar in it, you couldn’t drink it. Sugar isn’t only responsible for making you obese, it’s also to blame for diabetes and high blood pressure. Even those diet sodas are awful, because they contain aspartame, a sweetening agent that is linked to Alzheimer disease.

4. Margarine


You can sense there’s something wrong with margarine from its texture – it simply doesn’t melt in your mouth, like butter does, because it’s a type of plastic. A wonderful source of trans fats, which elevate cholesterol and do repairable damage to your blood vessels, margarine should be avoided at all costs, because it is one of the worst processed foods out there. Use olive oil or unrefined palm oil, instead.

3. Worst Food: Low-Fat Foods


Why are low-fat foods bad for you? Aren’t they supposed to be good and help you lose weight and be healthy? Well, that’s the gimmick – in order to make the low-fat foods taste good, many artificial flavorings are added that make them practically inedible. Be careful and read the label so that you know what you’re consuming.

2. Worst Food: Potato Chips


OK, everyone knows that potato chips are bad for you – your blood vessels and your waistline, but is there anything more to them that make them the number two worst processed foods to eat? Yes, the acrylamide – a carcinogen that forms when the potatoes are fried at high temperatures. Not to mention the salt and calories, that have absolutely no nutritional value – so you’re basically eating in vain.

1. Sugary Cereals


One word: SUGAR! If you take a close look at the ingredients you’ll how much of it is present in your morning bowl. To be honest, it’s like adding to your morning milk six tablespoons of sugar. We as human beings do not need all that sugar. If you like your morning cereals, have some that are whole wheat and have little sugar (because you will have a very hard time finding ones that have no sugar).

Could you give up these foods, now that you know that they are the worst processed foods you could eat? Do you think that in order to be healthy, you should eliminate them completely or only have them in moderation?


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