10 Worst Marvel Heroes Ever

Not all Marvel heroes are as popular as Spider-Man or Wolverine. Actually, Marvel Universe in filled with lame crime fighters who were created as a result of an inspirational crisis, most probably. Some have stupid powers; some were “blessed” with intentionally deformed bodies, while others have silly names or awful stories. Here are 10 of the worst Marvel heroes ever. Pick your “favorite”!

1. Captain Ultra

marvel heroes1

Probably the lamest superhero ever created is the dumb Captain Ultra. A former plumber, he was empowered by an alien for mysterious reasons (lack of a better idea, probably). Now, the self appointed captain had a pretty bad fire phobia that   doesn’t usually go with the idea of a superhero. These guys don’t usually faint at seeing a harmless little flame, as he did once…

2. Maggott

marvel hero2

The entire concept of the Magott is yuck. This mutant has two creatures inside his abdomen. These things may come out and eat pretty much anything, offering Maggott incredible physical strength. While he is not that smart, the slugs apparently are. So, he has an ugly name and his digestive system is actually alive. Moreover, he was killed in Neverland and later resurrected in order to fight against his former pals. Lame or what?

3. Squirrel Girl

marvel hero3

Of all the animals in the world why choosing a squirrel?! This animal has no impressive ability, no great quality, so why creating a superhero that has squirrel similarities? These resemblances include a long tail, rodent’s teeth and increased agility. Oh and she has the “awesome” power of talking to squirrels… She seems really cheerful all the time, she eats too often and she is one of the less appreciated Marvel characters ever.

4. Doop

marvel hero4

For me, he is one of the worst Marvel heroes because, simply, he looks awful. Who needs a green, shapeless, quirky hero who can turn his body inside out? Apparently, he has great intelligence, strength and speed, but he never showed these qualities, so to me, he is just a little green monster.

5. Thor Girl

marvel hero5

The idea itself is hilarious. It seems like the guys at Marvel were seriously lacking ideas when they created a female variant of Thor. Even so, they could have found her a better name! Moreover, she kind of lost her powers, so she is not much of a superhero anymore. Thor girl looks awesome, though, I have to give her that. If only she did not have a guy’s name attached to “girl”!

6.The Sentry

marvel hero6

Sentry was not a popular superhero. He was simply uninteresting for some of the comic book readers and “worst character ever” for others. Actually, Sentry was simply a badly sketched character, with no personality of his own. He never did anything exciting and he appeared to be unable to take his own decisions, fighting whoever others told him to. Also, even though he was said to have had “the power of a million exploding suns”, he didn’t show any of it.  Sentry is dead for now, but no Marvel character stays death for long, so we might see him again any time soon.

7. Dazzler

marvel hero10

Dazzler is a crime fighter whose greatest mutant power is that of transforming sound into light, singing and dancing.  What else can be said about her? She is nothing else than Marvel’s huge failure of producing its own singing star, in collaboration with Cassablanca records, who were supposed to find a similar real life person to match the comic book character. Though killed several times, she miraculously came back to life afterwards. No idea what was in the head of the writers…

8. Slapstick

marvel hero8

He is a cartoon character with little power, though his fans have the tendency of overrating him. Some consider it cool exactly because of his cartoonish look, but for me at least, he is one of the worst Marvel heroes ever. The greatest thing about him is his sense of humor and the jokes he plays on his enemies.

9. Skin

marvel hero9

Skin is yet another weak, poorly drawn character, coming probably from the mind of a dumb or drunken sketch artist.  Skin is an ugly mutant who has large amounts of extra skin which he uses sometimes as a tool, sometimes as a weapon. Simply Disgusting!

10. Litterbug

marvel hero10

A former mechanic in the US army, Litterbug has a hard time speaking. This should not be much of a problem for a superhero whose main occupation, that of fighting evil, does not require him to talk a lot. However, this defect and the cockroach-like mutation did not help him to become much of a popular figure.

sources and photo credits:

Marvel Universe Wiki, Comic Vine, Super Budides


  1. Doomstadt says

    It shows how little you know about comics that you consider Squirrel Girl to be a terrible character. She’s actually incredibly popular, due to her Silver Age-esque powers and personality in the modern world. Do some fucking research next time.

    • Cheebah44 says

      Squirrel girl is gay u fag if u think she’s cool then u r just a fuckin moron a squirrel is gay and having whatever kind of squirrel powers is even gayer

      • Cailean55 says

        Squirrel girl sucks royal ass, I mean even the idea of her is STUPID. She and her stupid ass powers are so fuckin over rated its pathetic! Oh wow she can talk to squirrels?! I’d rather be able to talk to shoes or some shit.


        • Argantyr says

          Who do you think you are? Have you read any comics besides Michael Bendis’ run on the Avengers, or are you just such an insensitive piece of garbage who feels their own opinions are worth half a fuck more than someone else’. As for this list, this is a heap of rubbish that any comic fan with half a brain would acknowledge as such. I love a majority of characters on this list, Captain Ultra being one of them because he was a god damned satire and also got over his pyrophobia long ago.

          but what am I doing using all this astounding knowledge, you know what you don’t do? Pick out random characters based on their overall artwork and powerset – if you knew anything, these characters are more than their astounding powers and costumes – they have a personality, history, and are more than pretty looking meat. The only character that legitimately deserves to be on this list is the Sentry.

          I could go on about how this entire article was written with a poor grasp of the characters, the fanbase, or comics themselves. However let me end this with some advice – do more research before you decide to pass judgement on someone, if your choices for those on this list were more than based on powers and negligible cosmetic details, I might have bought into this, however as it stands, it’s a weak opinion piece.

  2. Your a moron says

    This article is a piece of shit just like you, maybe we can the sentry smash your face doing everyone a favor. Who ever wrote this is a idiot that needs to die.

  3. ragnarok says

    Ok whoevr said doop and squirrel girl is 1 of the best,should really consider medical help, squirrels suck they get hit by cars all the time,weak,and dont live long,You Want Awesome heros:blade,captain universe,dr.strange,and beta ray bill are them

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