10 of the Most Destructive Hurricanes in History

Hurricane Irene just made its devastating the East Coast of the United States and caused great destruction only days ago. The damage estimated until now is of 7 billion $, in the USA only! People have died and many others remained homeless. The hurricane that made New York tremble will certainly take its place among the worst ones in history. Here are other destructive storms that made it to the top:

1. Bhola cyclone


This is definitely the deadliest hurricane ever recorded. It hit Bangladesh in 1970.  No one knows how many people were killed, but the figure is estimated somewhere between an overwhelming 300,000 and 500,000 people. However, surprisingly, the cyclone was not very strong. The number of deaths is attributed to the flood that covered the islands in the Ganges Delta, destroying all the settlements.

2. Haiphong Typhoon


In 1881, the most catastrophic typhoon in the recorded history stroke Vietnam, killing more than 300,000 people. This is not the first, nor the last powerful typhoon in the area, as this particular gulf is right in the path of many Pacific typhoons, namely those originating in Philippines. There is no record of what actually happened but, as you can imagine, there were no means of protection against typhoons, so the poor people could do nothing but run for their lives.

3.  The Great Backerganj Cyclone


The cyclone that hit Bangladesh in 1876 made 200,000 victims. The storms that are formed in that area are particularly destructive and killed hundreds of thousands of people in the course of the recorded hurricane history only. This particular one was the worst, both in strength and in number of deaths, which were caused, not only ny the huge tide, but also by the starvation and the epidemics that followed.

4. Cyclone Nargis, Burma


The number of deaths is still not settled today, 3 years after the great disaster caused by the cyclone Nargis in Burma. The huge tidal wave that swept the island was responsible for most of the 100,000 deaths recorded and for the destruction of most of the houses in the devastated area.  Hundreds of thousands of the surviving Burmese people were left without shelters and drinking water.

5.  Typhoon Nina


One of the deadliest typhoons ever, Nina made it to top 10 because of its destructive power, its death toll and because of a secondary catastrophe that followed the surge. What happened was that in 1975, this super storm devastated China, killing 100, 000 as easily as you could break a pencil. What really made Nina unique was the fact that it caused Banqiao Dam to collapse. The immense flood that followed caused the destruction of other dams as well, all over China. You can imagine the panic, the confusion, the sufferance that followed.

6.  The Great Hurricane


This super-storm is known as “the great hurricane” for a reason! It killed 22, 000 persons in Puerto Rico, Bermuda, as well as the Dominican Republic and Antilles as far back as 1780 and it is remembered as the most powerful storm that was ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean.

7. Galveston Hurrigane

Hurricane Alex 2010

In 1990, this famous hurricane made its way to the shores of Texas. Authorities did not warn the citizens about the real danger, their main concern being that o avoiding panic. Thus, when the powerful hurricane hit Galveston, it found unprepared people, who had no power to protect their lives and their values. 6000 of them died, while 3600 houses were destroyed by the rage of the storm.

8. Hurricane Katrina

8. hurricane katrina

One of the most famous hurricanes in history, this deadly storm hit USA in 2005, and remained known as the costliest natural disaster ever recorded, causing damages of  more than  80 billion $. Moreover, it killed 1,836 people, and another 705are still reported missing, 6 years after the catastrophe. Days of sorrow and chaos followed and reconstruction in New Orleans is not finished yet.

9. Hurricane Pauline


The hurricane Pauline devastated Mexico in 1968. It was not as deadly as the rest- though the 400 people that died are enough to make it a lethal hurricane- but it was one of the most destructive. More than 300,000 people lost their homes and 7, 5 billion $ were gone with the wind.

10. Hurricane Inez


This hurricane was named “The Crazy One”, and it was not for nothing! Inez’s path, in 1970 was unpredictable and devastated The Caribbean, Florida, as well and Mexico, leaving as many as 1,500 dead people behind and damages of 432 million of  $.



Historic Hurricanes

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