10 Living Geniuses

Before I start listing my top 10 living geniuses, I should define this confusing term, so that everybody could understand why I chose these particular persons from all the great minds of our times. In my opinion, a genius is a person who proves to be very intelligent or to have a talent that allows him or her to create something original that is unanimously considered exceptional. A genius is a person who changed or had an influence over a people, over a field, or over the entire human race. Here is my list of top 10 living geniuses:

1. Steven Hawking, physicist

steve hawking

I am impressed with him since ages, so for me he is an iconic figure: THE genius of our time. He is from Great Britain and he is specialized in the field of theoretical physics and cosmology. Why do I consider him the coolest guy on Earth? Because he made impressive discoveries in such awesome fields as the black holes, alien life or wormholes (among many others, of course). Why do I consider a genius? Well, I think we all do!

2.  Grigori Perelman

2. grigori perelman

Ok, mathematics (advanced ones, of course) is not really my thing, so talking to you about his great achievements would mean trying to talk Chinese and be convincing. What I can tell you is that his contributions in his fields of expertise were extraordinary and that he solved an extremely difficult and important open problem in topology ,the Poincaré Conjecture. As a true genius, Grigori Perelman is a very eccentric  character: he refused the 1 million $ prize that was offered to him after solving this problem. Also, he refused important positions in US universities, and preferred to return in his homeland, Russia, as a mere researcher. He is now unemployed and living with his mother.

3. Tim Berners Lee, computer scientist

tim lee

How could I not include the inventor of World Wide Web on the list of today’s list of geniuses? He also created world’s first Web Browser, Web Server and even Website. This first site in the world was learning people how to create their own pages on the internet.  The rest is, of course, history….

4.  Gary Kasparov, chess player

gary kasparov

If you are unbeatable at something, than you must be a genius of that something. Well, if you are unbeatable at chess, the ultimate game of mind, than you must be one of the world’s top 10 geniuses. Also, he became the youngest ever chess champion in the world at 22 years old, when other people start wondering what to do with their lives. As a self-proclaimed chess anti-talent, I cannot but take my hat in front of him and include him in this list.

5. Margaret Caroll Turnbull


If CNN named this lady “a genius”, than I am no one to argue with them.  Margaret Turnbull is an American astronomer, whose most notable achievement was that of cataloging solar systems that may present conditions for life to flourish, thus facilitating the search for alien life. Her amazing work is this field was honored with an asteroid being named after her.

6.  Frederick Sanger, chemist

6 =.Sanger2

Frederick Sanger is 93 years old. During his accomplished professional life, he was awarded 2 times with the Noble prize in chemistry, making him the only person ever to do so. The prizes acknowledged the two most important works of his life, the structure of proteins with a focus on that of insulin, and for determining “the base sequences in nucleic acids”. No clue what that is? Well, me neither, but is sounds important!

7. Steve Jobs, inventor and entrepreneur

7.ssteve jobs

Steve Jobs is –as you didn’t know already, the co-founder of Apple. And it clearly needs a genius to create the phenomenon that Apple became. Year after year, decade after decade, Apple innovated, apple discovered, Apple led the entire world into a new age of technology and showed us all what a single mind can achieve: from Apple II to iPad, we were the witnesses of a genius having born into the right age;to the luck of us all.

8. Avram Noam Chomsky, philosopher


Chomsky is a Professor of Linguistics and Philosophy at MIT. Described as “the father of modern linguistics”, he is a must on any geniuses list. His works do not stop as linguistics, as his interests also include psychology, mathematics and computer science. In all these fields, he proved to have one of the greatest minds of our century.

9. Mark Zuckerberg,programmer

9. mark

There was a time for painting. There was a time for sculpture and there was a time for scientific discoveries. Our time has seen the rise and the development of the internet and of computer-related sciences. Thus, it is only natural that the ranking of these days’ geniuses includes several people that revolutionized the world and changed our entire future.  Based on all these criteria, Mark Zuckerberg, who invented the famous Facebook in 2004, at the age of 20, is a genius.

10. Phillip Glass, composer


Even though our age is not art-oriented, as I showed above, I felt obliged to include an artist among the top 10 living geniuses, as artists should never be ignored.  After studding a little bit, I came to the conclusion (may be erroneous, of course, and you are more than welcomed to propose another great artist of our time) that Phillip Glass, the American composer of classicist music should conclude this list of top 10 geniuses. What he has done different from his contemporaries (except, of course, his unique, amazing, music) is that he made erudite music accessible to the public.



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