10 Strange Wedding Customs

The Royal Wedding has come and gone. It was an event witnessed by billions of people from all over the world. The ceremony was beautiful, everybody will agree. But only because it was a ceremony peppered with wedding traditions that we are all familiar with. But what if one of the following took place? For a dose of weird when it comes to weddings, check out the following list. Some of these will make you reconsider a lifetime of love and happiness for sure.

1. Blackening of the Bride

Imagine that you are the bride. You are getting ready for probably the most important day of your life. You want nothing but the best beauty rest you can have in the near future. Unfortunately, if you are somewhere in Scotland, you will not enjoy said beauty rest. You will be pretty much treated like trash. Blackening of the Bride involves throwing eggs, sauces, and rotten stuff at the bride. Sounds relaxing, right? That’s not the end of it, though. You will be paraded around town, stopping at pubs here and there.

2. The Crying Bride

Despite being happy occasions, we cannot help but cry during weddings. But it’s one thing to cry during the ceremony and completely another to cry for hours and hours a month before the event. This is exactly what the bride does in a Tujia (an ethinic minority in China) wedding. A month before the ceremony, the bride will cry for about an hour. Ten days after that, she will be joined by her mother during this weeping episode. Then other lady relatives will join them.

3. Marrying A Thing

If you are from India and are a Manglik Dosh, you are cursed. In relation to marriages, it is stated that Manglisk Dosh women (those born when Mars and Saturn are under the seventh house in the birth chart) will cause their husband’s death. But there is a way to bypass this curse. What you can do is marry a tree or a silver/golden idol first. Do not worry, this is not a lasting commitment. In fact, you will have to destroy the tree or idol when you finally marry your human boyfriend.

4. Throwing of the Dishes

A perfect way to relieve stress? Or a waste of good China? In Germany, the throwing of the dishes is an age-old tradition. What happens is that guests of the wedding break plates, cups, bowls, glasses, and just about everything breakable. The bride and groom will then be left to clean up the mess. Apparently, this will cement the union. This warns (or threatens) the newlyweds that they will have hardships and they had better cooperate with each other if they want their marriage to succeed.

6. Shooting the Bride

Being pelted with eggs and rotten fruits is one thing but how would you feel if the bridegroom throws arrows at you? Is this an indication that marriage will kill you? Well, not quite. In the Yugur (an ethnic minority in China) tradition, the bridegroom shoots three arrows at the bride. They do not have arrowheads, however. The bridegroom will then retrieve these arrows and break them. The bow is not spared. According to this tradition, this strange custom will ensure that the couple will love each other forever. It’s a little bit romantic, isn’t it?

7. Keep it All In

Well, this one can get painful and ugly. Members of the Tidong community in Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia do not allow newlyweds to go to the bathroom for 3 days and 3 nights. If they do, they will have bad luck, apparently. Bad luck may come in the form of broken union, death of children, or even infertility. It is the job of their relatives to make sure that the couple don’t leave the house. They still have to eat, though, so they are fed only small amounts of food and water.

8. Save the Date

How do you decide the date of the wedding? Typically, you consult a chart or set the wedding on a day special to the bride and groom. Not the people of the Daur, though. They can be found in the Heilongjiang Province of Chinese Inner Mongolia. The wedding date is set at the expense of a chick’s (or chicks’) life. The couple kills a chick together and inspects the liver. If the liver is in good condition, they pick a date. Unfortunately, if the liver does not meet their expectations, another chick goes under the knife. Ouch!

9. Kidnap the Bride

This is an age-old wedding tradition of the Romani people. This is one tradition that is essentially illegal in most parts of the world. What happens is that the groom will abduct the girl that he wants to marry. If he can keep her for a couple of days, the marriage is then considered legal and binding. A more playful version of bride kidnapping is practiced in Germany. Friends of the couple simply kidnap and hide the bride and then tells the groom to find and save her. This is done with the assistance of alcohol, of course.

10. A Kissing Party

This is a tradition that will work well for an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend who was invited to the reception. In Sweden, wedding guests get a chance to kiss the bride or groom when either of them heeds the call of nature. If the bride walks out to go to the bathroom, the women will line up to kiss the groom. If the groom answers the call of nature, all the men at the reception will then get a chance to kiss the bride. Thankfully, the presence of alcohol in these events make either the bride or groom less possessive of what belongs to them.


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