10 Free Apps For Smartphones

In our recent articles we’ve covered “10 cheap android tablets”, and “10 best iPhone developers”. Now it’s time to discuss a little about the best free apps for smartphones that can be found out there, and they’re a lot. People have always told me that Apple is the best application developer out there, cause their market is huge, etc, etc. But in the past 2 years (since I purchased for myself a HTC HD2) I’ve noticed an increase in both applications and games in the Android market, and some of us strongly believe that Android is the future of mobile technology. Here’s what you can find and install on your smartphone, whether it’s an iPhone, Android-based, Windows-Based, etc. Enjoy, and vote us if you like our work.


10. Dolphin Browser HD



Dolphin Browser HD is a fantastic multifaceted smartphone Web browser. It has its own themes (more can be added from Android’s Market), you can add plugins and Add-ons, and navigate using gestures. The browsing experience with this piece of free software is really great. Personally, I experienced no crashes whatsoever with Dolphin’s Browser.

9. Launcher Pro



Launcher Pro enhances your phone’s looks by replacing the base launching system with its own. The end-result is that you can launch applications faster, it enhances the experience of your smartphone by adding, for example, 7 additional screens, or creating beautiful effects as you slide from one screen to the other, and so on.

8. WordPress



WordPress is known as one of the most popular blogging platforms, claiming over 25 million software downloads and 15.000 plugins. WordPress is now leaving the computer and entering your smartphone, so that you can never miss or forget anything ever again. Bloggers can quickly create drafts, edit posts, and approve comments without using a PC.

  7. Where’s My Droid



There are time when we misplace our keys or the remote control, and it can be really annoying. Well, same can happen with your smartphone, but this clever application will never let you down. After the phone receives a message containing a specified phrase “Where’s my Droid?”, it starts ringing and/or vibrating as loud as it can. Furthermore, if you have GPS activated you can find out the location of your phone as well.

 6. Dictionary



If you like to travel a lot, this application may prove to be a life saver in certain situations. The application’s best feature is that you need no internet connection to look up a word: just enter the word by either typing it or saying it (for the latter you may need internet connection) and you’re good to go.

5. Google Maps



Google Maps is yet another useful tool and the fifth choice in our 10 free apps for smartphones. The application provides with location information, obviously.  This tool is absolutely fantastic for looking up addresses, service providers nearby, or used for basic navigation. Google Maps is known to work best on Android-based smartphones.

4. IMDB (Movies&TV)



Have you ever found yourself in the position of discussing about movies with your friends and not remembering a movie’s name, or the main actor, or the director? Well, not anymore. IMDB – one of the most recognized and well-established movie indexers on the planet is now available for your smartphone. Furthermore, the application allows you to see what movies are playing at your local movie theaters and purchase tickets. If you make an account, even more features are available, such as creating a watch-list of movies you plan to see. IMDB (Movies&TV) takes the fourth place in our 10 free apps for smartphones.

3.  WebMD For Android



WebMD could be considered a diagnosis application – by typing in your symptoms you can easily get some clues about what’s going on with your body, but the application is much more than that. It contains a comprehensive list of healthcare professionals and pharmacies in your area, and, furthermore, first-aid guides – instructions to deal with emergencies. Better have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

2. Skype



Skype is known as the top choice when it comes to communication on the internet – especially voice communication. The company has released Skype for Android, allowing you to call people on a Wi-Fi connected network. There are few drawbacks, however, when installing Skype, and one of them is that it drains a lot of your battery. Besides that, the application is absolutely superb.

1. Viber



Our number one out of 10 free apps for smartphones is Viber, a similar to Skype application which allows you to make free calls and send free messages to other users who have Viber installed on their smartphone. All you need is a Wi-Fi (not confirmed if it works on 3G as well) network connection and you’re good to go.

We hope you enjoyed this top, and come with today’s question: What was your first smartphone ?

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