10 Myths That All People Believe To Be True

Myths that are thought to be true facts do not stop at the ones listed below. Actually, there are countless fake ideas that people usually consider to be undeniable truths. From health to relationships and from Santa Claus to natural phenomena, every domain has its share of so called undeniable realities that are actually no more than plain myths. Here are 10 myths that people believe to be true :

1. Barking dogs don’t bite

barking dogs

I have heard this one since childhood. I always considered it one of the silliest myths out there and it can turn out to be dangerous too. Barking dogs DO bite. Barking is a dog’s  way of telling you “stay away” and you should better listen to it, because a dog always means it, and this is not a myth!

2. If you are cold, you’ll get flu


This is another myth that is taken as a general truth by most people. Stay away from cold , or you’ll get sick, my mother always told me. Well, mom, it is not the cold that get us sick, but those dreadful viruses! The true part about this one is that cold diminishes the activity of your immunity system, making it easy for viruses to enter your organism, but the cold itself is harmless.

3.  Hot liquids are great for a sore throat

hot tea


This is one of the most diffused myths in the world. “Drink your tea while is hot”, we hear all the time when we are sick. Hot drinks are actually harmful and will not do any good to your throat. If you are talking of warm liquids, than yes, they are helpful. Hot ones will only harm our fragile tissues and harm not only the throat but the esophagus and the stomach as well.

4. Bread is fattening



Not true! Even though this is one of the most popular myths out there, even tohugh many women are giving up bread entirely so as to get rid that nasy fat on the belly, this is just a big myth. One loaf of bread will not cause you to get fat. It is what you put on that loaf bread that will make your body weight go up.

5. History books are accurate

5. history books


History books only trie to be accurate but they do not succeed all the time. Historical errors in our school books are not as big as to be shocking but they do exist. For example, the statement “Americans never lost a battle in the Vietnam War” is false, because some of the soldiers remember the events differently, and may give names of places and dates when Americans lost battles in Vietnam.

6. We only use 10 % of our brains



This is a myth that most people are aware of, or believe in. The legend has it that if we used the entire capacity of our brains, there would be nothing we couldn’t do. This is nothing more than a story, and scientists believe it is hilarious. Even though the brain remains a mysterious organ of our body, we do use it all. Even when sleeping, we are using more than 10 % of our brain, which tells everything you need to know about this one.

7.  If you heard it on news, it must be true!

old news


This is actually not at all true! News, whether on television, on the internet (especially on the internet) or in the newspaper may be mistaken. Human error is possible in any field, with headlines not representing the exception. Most common mistakes refer to the result of presidential elections or at the number of victims caused by a disaster. For example, in the Sago Mine disaster, in 2006, newspapers declared that all the miners were saved, except for one, when it was actually, the other way around!

8. Cow milk is good for you



This is a most recently debunked myth. Doctors are learning nowadays about the negative effects of the cow milk on human organism. We, humans, are the only species that consume milk in adulthood, and also, that consume the milk of other species. It is no wonder than that this aliment may lead to such disorders as diarrhea, allergies, diabetes and even cancer. Some scientists advocate for ending milk consumption after the first years of life, while others recommend moderation only, as a way of protecting ourselves without giving up one of our favorite aliments.

9.  If you want to know how a woman will look 20 years from now, look at her mother!

9.mother and daughter

This is nothing more than a silly idea. First of all, women may take after their fathers or their grandparents and look nothing like their mothers. Secondly, it may happen that a woman takes a lot greater care of herself if she has a mother that neglected herself, than on who has a model as a mother. While some genes are indeed transmitted from one generation to another, what really counts is the determination of the particular person (regardless of the gender) of taking care of herself.

10.  Lightning never strikes twice in the same place

10 lightning


Here is one of the most popular myths in the world. However, nothing could be more obvious than the fact that lightning may strike the very same place countless times. It all depends on the nature of the target. The taller a construction is, the more chances it is that it will be stroke by lightning multiple times.

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