10 Oddest New Inventions

These are the oddest new inventions that people  ame up with and they are meant to solve some of the life’s little problems. These creative ideas are strange because of the way they manage to give a solution to those things that we considered a fact and to which we gave little attention, such as, for example, getting yourself all wet when having to ride the bicycle on rain.

Here are, thus 10 strange new inventions that are actually brilliant as they serve a purpose which was never served before:

1.  The Collapsible shipping container


It is able to reduced its size 25%

2. Bladeless fan


This device s used to draw in air and multiplify it.

3.  Two ways Toothpaste


For those of you who cannot squeeze it from the bottom

4. Innovative USB plug


It may be used as a USB hub

5. Retractable Speed bumps


For those drivers that do not respect the speed limit, but also…for those who do!

6. Greenbo Rail planter


It is simple to place, it fits anywhere and is really safe.

7. Large loop eye


The loop eye of this needle can expand when pressed on it, which is really useflul!

8. Lace amatic


One of the oddest new inventions out there, it may help you stop lacing your shoes every day. Not clear from the image how it does that, though.

9. Butter stick


This is a really funny idea. I don’t think we really needed it though!

10. Upstanding toothbrush.


I wanted to finish my “oddest new inventions” list with this one because it looks cool and futuristic. Apparently, it swings, when placed on a surface, but then it reaches balance and remains in upright position.



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