10 of the Most Famous Ghosts in the World

Stories of famous ghosts are cool to tell to your friends at night, or to investigate. Some transform ghost hunting into a profession-and what an awesome profession that is! Ghosts are also part of our cultural inheritance and, whether the stories are true or not, they should be passed to the next generation, so that the history of a certain place, the life story of a certain person or the beautiful legend of a certain people would not be forgotten. This being said, here is the list of some of the most famous poltergeists in the world. The question is…do you believe in ghosts?

1. Bloody Mary

1. bloody mary

This is oneof the most famous ghosts I know, but then again, the only one on this list (except for Casper, of course) which is, undeniably, fake. And I know this because of the many adolescents who summon her, as a test of courage, by looking into the mirror, with a candle in their hands, at midnight (of course).They were never successful, fortunately.

2. Casper


The creation of Seymour Reit and Joe Oriole, Casper, is an 81 years old ghost. However, he looks like a little boy and he is always searching for friends. I must admit that this is the only ghost I would like to be real. This lovable character is escaping the influence of his nasty uncles, ghosts as well, who enjoy scaring people. They are a bunch of silly ghosts who would not scare a child, though.

3. The Bell Witch

3. bell witch

The story of the Bell Witch would be really scary if I would not be so familiar with it already. It is said to have haunted the farmhouse of John Bell, in Tennessee.  No one knows if it really happened –especially that almost 150 years have passed since then, but the story speaks about a ghost who tortured Bell and his family for several years. The ghost gained power as time went by and started to physically injure the family members. In 1820, three years after the haunting had started, Bell died, killed by a powerful poison.

4. The Ghosts of Christmas Past

4. ghost of christmas past

All the 3 Ghosts of Christmas are very famous in the world. Created by Charles Dickens, these characters are visiting Ebenezer Scrooge, a cold hearted man, who does not believe in Christmas spirit and in kindness and  prefers to live alone , not caring for anyone and not letting anyone to care for him. The Christmas spirits are ghosts of his past, present and future Christmas. They visit Scrooge and teach him 3 important life lessons, which  totally change him. Of these 3 ghosts, the one of the Christmas Past is the most popular one, maybe because it seems a bit friendlier than the others.

5. The Vanishing Hitchhiker


5 vanishing hitchiker

This is more of a stereotype: The ghost that looks exactly as a human being, asks the help of random drivers, in order to get to certain places. However, once they arrive, the spectrum disappears without a trace! One of the most famous disappearing hitchhikers is the Ressurection Mary, the ghost of a young girl who was supposedly killed and asks for a ride to the Ressurection cemetery, in Chicago. The scariest part about this story is that every single time, the witnesses describe her the same way: a very beautiful girl with blue eyes and blonde hair, dressed in a white party dress .

6.  Madame LaLaurie

6 madame lalaurie

It is said that this lady, as well as her husband, were a pair of very cruel serial killers, who tortured and murdered more than 100 slaves inside their residence, in the 19th century. After the discovery of their crimes was made, they fled away, never to be seen again, but the ghost of  Delphine LaLaurie must have returned to the scene of the killings, as she was seen by many subsequent owners of the place. No one kept the beautiful, old  house for long, because of the sightings (both of tortured slaves and of the Madame), of the terrifying sounds and of other  scary happenings that started soon after the disappearance of the evil couple.

7. The white witch of Rose Hall

7. white witch of

This ghost may not be famous for you, but the Jamaicans know it very well. The Rose Hall was built at the end of the 18th century, by John Palmer, a British planter. On the plantation, there were 2000 slaves working for the Palmers. In 1820, a beautiful young woman named Annie moved here, as the wife of the builder’s grandnephew. Apparently, she had been educated by her nanny, who was also a voodoo priestess, thus the “witch” part of the story. Apparently, she killed her husband and started to take slaves as lovers, only to kill them after. Ten years later, she was found strangled in the bed and it was then when rumors about the house being haunted started. It was also recorded that all the later owners of the property had tragic endings…

8. Marie Laveau

new orleans

The famous voodoo queen of New Orleans is said to be hunting her burial place, in the shape of a cat with burning eyes, which is wondering around the cemetery. If you see it, then there is no doubt that you will be cursed forever! Don’t worry though, the chances are, you won’t meet it! However, this is only one of the stories about the ghost of Marie Laveau. Another famous folklore tale is that the voodoo queen is helping the needy to see their wishes come true and all one needs to do for that is knocking three times on her tomb and then ask for her help. After she had helped the person, he or she should bring a gift and leave it in front of her tomb.

9. The Brown Lady

The brown lady is the ghost of Lady Dorothy Townshend, the wife of Charles Townshend, 2nd Viscount of Raynham. She seems to be haunting her former home, Raynham Hall, in Norfolk. Wondering why? It is not because she loved the place tremendously, but by contrary, because she was locked up by her husband in an area of the manor for her entire life. What’s more, her husband arranged a fake burial ceremony for her, so that everyone would believe her to be dead. The picture of her ghost (above) is one of most famous in the world.

10. The ghosts of the White House

10. white house

The White House is not only one of the most famous residences in the world – it is also one of the most haunted ones. The most famous spiritwho regularly “visits” the place is that of Abe Lincoln, a man who strongly believed in such things. Other ghosts include two of the former first ladies, Dolly Madison and Abigail Adams, as well as another president, Andrew Jackson (who, ironically, is said to have made some ghost hunting in the “Bell witch” case, when he was not yet president.


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