10 Rarest and Most Beautiful Gemstones on Earth

Man realized long ago that gemstones are extremely valuable. And because it is in our human nature to consider the ones that are rarest, also the most valuable, we thought that we should bring to your attention the most beautiful, and rare precious stones on Earth. Gemstones have always been a symbol of wealth and status, and although we know that that not all of the stones on the list are very rare, we have decided to put them there because of their beauty. We give to you our top 10 most beautiful, and rare gemstones on Earth.

  1. Morganite

Morganite is a variety of Emerald, and it is the least common gem form of Beryl. It is usually light pink, but it can also come in darker shades of pink or orange colors. The orange Morganites are more valuable than the pink ones. Luckily, there have also been some extremely clear stones collected, and as a result several flawless crystals were cut from them.


  1. Alexandrite

Alexandrite is without a doubt an incredible gemstone because it can undergo fascinating changes in color, depending on the light that is reflected from it. To help you understand better, you should know that stones which have the ability to change their color when you look at them from a different angle are called pleochroic, but Alexandrite is not only pleochroic, it can also change its colors independently.


  1. Benitoite

This spectacular blue stone can only be found in the waters of San Benito River, California. Although there have been reports of Benitoite collected from Japan or Arkansas, the stones collected there did not meet the gemstone quality requirements. This stone looks incredible under UV light, where its brilliant blue colors glow in all their might.


  1. Jeremejevite

The Jeremejevite was first discovered in the year 1883, in Namibia, by a Russian mineralogist called Pavel Jeremejev. There is something very beautiful about this stone, although there is not really something striking about it in terms of shape, color or rarity. It comes in pale colors of yellow or sky blue, or no colors at all. It is as clear as the sky, and almost transparent.


  1. Painite

Seven years ago it was considered the rarest gemstone mineral in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records, today it is still among the most interesting and rare stones. It is said that in 1950 there were only two known crystals of the hexagonal mineral, and in 2005 there were barely 25 pieces. For those who want one such stone, we have good news. Scientists say that they have uncovered a new deposit near Myanmar, where there are supposedly thousands of crystals and fragments.


  1. Musgravite

Musgravite is one of the rarest, and most spectacular stones on earth. It is made up of Beryl, Magnesium and Aluminium  and it was named after the area of Musgrave, Australia, where it was first discovered. It can also be found in Greenland and Madagascar, but the gemstones there have a lower quality.


  1. Black Opal

We love black opals. They might not be the rarest stones on Earth, but they are not common either, and they are exquisite. Black Opal is unlike any other gemstone on Earth, and it is also the most special type of Opal. Australia currently has the largest deposits of Black Opal in the World.


  1. Serendibite

You probably haven’t heard about this stone before, but Serendibite is currently the number three most expensive and rarest stone on the Planet. It has an extremely complex chemical composition. In it you can find Calcium, Magnesium, Aluminium, Silicon and Oxygen. Until present there have only been three stones cut.


  1. Red Diamonds

Just when we thought we’ve had enough of all the diamonds, we receive another surprise  the red diamond. Not many can say that they have had the chance to see or cut such a superb stone. Only a few red diamonds have ever been found, and this is the reason why one carat is extremely expensive (almost 2.5 million dollars). It can be found in purplish red, vermilion, crimson or scarlet colors.


  1. Jadeite

Only recently has Jadeite become more than just a legend. This stone has always been considered a mystery, but now we know for a fact that this extremely rare stone can be found in Guatemala, Mexico and California. It also comes at a record price: 3 million dollars a carat. There is actually a report of a Jadeite necklace made up of 27 0,5 millimeter Jadeite beads which is worth a fortune. It is also considered very special because of its historical value, but scientists have also confirmed its rarity.

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