10 Strange Food Superstitions …

Ever reached for something to eat only to have your grandmom tell you that it’s the wrong food for you? She’s not talking about the food not agreeing with your stomach, no. She is referring to how that food will bring you bad luck. If you’re hungry, this will be akin to meeting a black cat on the street. In order to avoid this kind of situation in the future, you might want to read up on strange food superstitions from around the world.

1. Salty Fate

There are a couple of strange superstitions regarding salt these days. One is that spilling salt over your shoulders brings good luck. You have probably seen your mom or grandmom do this many times. In fact, there are cooking show hosts on TV who do this! If you don’t want bad luck in your life, you might want to take up this habit. Just a warning, though, cleaning up the mess will make you feel that you have the toughest luck in the world. Another superstition that surrounds salt is you should not help someone to the salt. This, apparently, brings bad luck.

2. Perfect Timing

If you want good luck not just when you throw salt over your shoulders, you may want to consider eating only the most “auspicious” food for each month. Now there is no concrete explanation or origins for any of these lucky monthly foods. All we know is that they are lucky. In January or the turning of the new year, black-eyed peas will bring you good luck. For February, stick to noodles. Lucky foods for March are seeds. For April, you can have your fill of eggs. Yogurt and cheese are lucky in May. In June, make sure you eat some wedding cake. In July, watermelon is best. Corn on the cob should be consumed in August. September is the best time for oysters or fish. October is for pumpkin pie and November is for Turkey. In December, fruits will bring you good luck.

3. Real Bananas

There are also a couple of strange superstitions about bananas that have been handed down from one generation to another. One is that bananas must never be cut with a knife. Why? You guessed it, cutting it with a knife will bring you bad luck. Another superstition is something that young ladies will want to know about. Apparently, eating bananas that are conjoined will increase your chances of bearing conjoined twins. Ridiculous, really, but to be safe, better give those conjoined bananas to someone who doesn’t plan to have kids in the future.

4. Eggs and Witches

Of course, eggs, being a staple in many cuisines, also have quite a few superstitions that surround them. One is that you should crush the shells of an egg after you eat it. If you don’t, a witch will use the shells to make herself a boat and raise storms at sea. Of course, if you want to know how a person can float on a boat made of egg shells, you are welcome to test your luck. It is also believed that a fresh egg placed in the fields can help bring a good harvest. In terms of fortune, two yolks mean good luck. No yolk at all, however, is a sign of bad things to come.

5. Bread of Life (and Death)

When cutting bread, watch out for holes. A hole in a loaf represents a coffin and this means that someone close to you will die soon. Quite morbid, isn’t it? Another superstition about bread has something to do with cutting a cross on top before baking. According to ancient beliefs, doing this will stop the devil from sitting on the bread while it’s baking. If he does that, your bread will be cursed. Now you may not feel like heeding this belief when you bake but just a reminder, if you do cut a cross on the top of your bread, it will rise better.

6. Coffee, Tea, or Money?

According to superstitions, if you see bubbles on your coffee you must drink them right away. You must not let them burst. If you are able to drink them up before they do, you will receive money from an unexpected source. Can’t hurt, right?  As for tea, it is considered back luck if two people pour tea from the same pot. Also, if you forgot to place the lid on the teapot while you were brewing the tea, a stranger would drop by soon.

7. Immortality

In many cultures, noodles or noodle-based dishes are staples in birthdays and other special occasions. For some, noodles represent long life. So basically, when you serve noodle dishes at a party, you are wishing a much longer life for the celebrant. In some cultures, the length of the noodles matter, too. It is believed that the noodles should not be cut when you cook them. Why? Because long noodles mean long life! In modern times, even spaghetti can denote long life. So the next time you celebrate your birthday, make sure that you serve something with noodles or the like.

8. Wish With Every Bite

Everybody knows the belief behind wishbones. In fact, you have probably pulled one at least once in your life and wished that you got the longest piece. But when you really think about it, it’s really weird, isn’t it? It simply no longer seems strange to most people because everyone does it. The same is true with the birthday wish and the blowing of the cake candle. Here is a refresher if you have not had a birthday cake in a very long time: if you blow out all the candles on your birthday cake and you make a wish, it will come true.

9. Ward Off Evil

How do you keep evil away from your life? According to superstitious beliefs, garlic is your trusted weapon. In some cultures, carrying around garlic will stop the effects of Evil Eye on you. This means that the garlic will protect you from bad luck. In other cultures, hanging garlic around your house will keep you safe from vampires, demons, and other creatures with evil intentions. Now if you happen to be one of those people who dream of marrying a certain sparkly vampire, getting rid of garlic is a must.

10. Eat, Love

When it comes to love, there are several superstitions that also have something to do with food. One is that it is possible to know the first letter of your true love’s name with the use of apple skin. What you do is peel the apple until the skin breaks. Toss the skin and then see what letter is revealed. That is the first letter of your Prince Charming’s name! Another belief does not have a fairytale feel to it. According to some traditions, a single lady who eats the last piece of bread on a plate will remain single all her life. Another is that if you get up from the table while there are still people eating, those who are single at the table will not marry as well.



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