10 Valuable Old Coca Cola Bottles

Old Coca Cola bottles have become regular collectors’ items, and we’re not just talking about bottles that are a couple of decades old. The bottles featured here are all over one hundred years old and date back from before 1900. The most expensive antique Coca Cola bottles are straight-sided ones with crown tops, in clear, aqua, green blue and amber. If you’re thinking of starting your own collection, know that the oldest ones are the Hutchinson style bottles, very rare nowadays. The most valuable ones are those with Coca Cola embossed in script letters, as those with block letters did not even contain Coke, but a similarly flavored drink.

1. The Weldon Coca Cola Bottle

This bottle was produced by the Bottling Works Inc. in Weldon, North Carolina. Note the color, as well as the fact that the Coca Cola brand name is embossed in print, then painted over in white. Since it features a base script, it can be surmised that it was produced at some point during the 1902-1915 period.

2. The Wilson-Goldsboro

Many old Coca Cola bottles were manufactured in North Carolina, and this model is no exception. It features a mid body script of the brand name, enclosed in a circle, which allows it to be dated to about 1900-1910.

3. The Salt Lake City

Made in Utah, this is one of the more unusual and rare old Coca Cola bottles out there. It’s unique for its squat shape and ice blue color. The circular slug plate embossed brand name make this bottle a very sought-after item. Subsequent versions of this bottle dropped the slug plate.

4. The Hutchinson

This is the most desired and rare of all old Coca Cola bottles models out there, the Hutchinson, produced prior to 1900. Its elegant shape, timeless charm and clear color make it not only a valuable collectors’ item, but also a revolutionary statement in matters of brand identity. For decades, the Coca Cola brand has been identified through its elegantly scripted brand name, and this is the first ever instance of its use.

5. Hutchinson Repro

This model of old Coca Cola bottles was featured here because it tends to sell for high prices, in spite of it being a reproduction. For educational purposes, learn how to avoid fakes, knock-offs and copies. First of all, all genuine Hutchinsons are clear. This bottle has been frosted to help achieve an antiquated look. The layout is placed higher on the bottle, toward the shoulders, and the lettering is larger than on the original. The neck is too long and features a ring that the original does not display.

6. The Biedenharn Candy Co. Bottle

Many so-called old Coca Cola bottles that will sell for high prices on collectors’ markets were never actually filled with Coke. However, this is not the case with this bottle, produced in Vicksburg, Missouri – the first Hutchinson-style bottle to ever contain Coke, after Joe Biedenharn’s decision to fill them with the soft drink in 1894. The ROOT bottles, meaning those which display the “ROOT 471” script on the foot, were made after November, 1901, the date when ROOT Glass Works was first started.

7. The Birmingham Hutchinson

This ‘hutch’, as connoisseurs call Hutchinson old Coca Cola bottles, features the original Coke script embossed on the front. The name of the manufacturer is featured on the front (The Birmingham Coca-Cola Bottling Co.), while the back displays the inscription “Birmingham Ala. ROOT 405”.

8. The E.L. Husting

The old Coca Cola bottle produced by the E.L. Husting Co. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a unique, most valuable Hutchinson. Note how the brand name has been embossed vertically. Though you might be tempted to write this bottle off as a fake, know that it is as genuine as they come, and is the only Coke bottle that was ever vertically embossed.

9. The Huntsville

Produced in Hunstville, Alabama, not many honey amber-colored straight-sided old Coca Cola bottles have survived the century that has elapsed since they were first produced. Most bottles from this producer that are still available can be found in dark amber.

10. The Union

Most straight-sided, Hutchinson old Coca Cola bottles came in cold colors. The Union SC S-S Coke featured here is available in the extremely rare citron coloration. This is perhaps the most valuable old Coke bottle model that can be found.


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