10 Weird Flying Animals

Flying animals are fascinating because they do something they were not supposed to do and they developed flying mechanisms which required unimaginable time of evolution. They are actually gliding, rather than really flying, but considering that they are not supposed to do that either, and considering that other animals(including us)cannot do even that, they may be called –and are called, in most cases “flying animals” instead of gliding ones.


1.Flying fish

flying fish

The flying fish is actually more of a glider- being able to project itself out of the water on a distance of 50 meters. I bet it is much more than you can do! They may spend up to 45 seconds gliding and may jump to an altitude of 60 meters, which is actually impressive.

2. Flying frog


Discovered in Malaysia, these creatures are really “something” in matters of evolution: they developed their gliding and parachuting (depending on the species) ability in other to escape enemies. Unlike other frogs, they live mostly in trees, where they spend their lives hanging around, so they evolved separately of other frogs, in order to achieve an advantage in front of the predators.

3. Flying snake


Known as the flying snake is the Crysopelea, living in South-Eastern Asia. As most of the animals, they are not really flying-they are rather gliding, but for a snake, it is already too much, as it was not “designed” for this way of locomotion. The flying snake is not dangerous for humans, because it has a mild poison-enough to kill its prey, though. So, why are they flying, anyway? Don’t expect an exotic answer: they only do it in order to escape enemies and to save energy…

4.  Flying Squirrel


In case you wandered, there is not only one species of flying squirrels; they are distributed in 44 species. They are amazing gliders-and their body I shaped for it: as you can see above, they have, between the members, a membrane which makes their bodies to look like small parachutes.  They really need flying to stay away from danger, as they represent a delicious meal for many species of animals.

5. Flying Ray

5. flying ray

It’s a plane! It’s a bird!  Nope, its merely the super –mobula! Mobula is a flying ray. At its impressive weigh of over a tone, it’s a wonder how the mobula succeeds in projecting itself out of the water and glide as much as 2 meters in height. Pretty impressive, considering its size. It must be amazing to watch these weird animals!

6. Flying ants

6.flying ant

These guys are really impressive. I had forgotten of their existence until coming across them on the internet, although I used to hunt them, in childhood. Of what I’ve learnt, they are not a different species of ant- they are conceived within the community when reproduction time arrives: they are males and females; the females are queens, yet the males are just sexual partners. They will die few hours after mating, while the queens will leave to find a good nesting place, where a new colony will be born.

7. Pterosaurs



They are an extinct species of flying reptiles which are usually referred to as dinosaurs, though they are not. They are known as the earliest vertebrates ever to have had the ability to fly and thus, they are record holders. Also, the wide family of pterosaurs includes the largest flying animal ever, the Quetzalcoatlus.

8. Flying squid


The flying squid is not only weird but also very mysterious. They use their abilities to stay alive and away of predators but, the weird part is (except for the obvious one, that it is a  flying squid!) that this animal may be able to actually fly, instead of gliding, because they maintain themselves in the air to much to be simply called gliding. Hence, they are truly flying animals, and not gliding animals, if this make much of a diference to you. What is more, these squids are so mysterious that scientists how no idea how they do it. As you can see, their body is not actually shaped for flight…

9. Flying lizard

flying lizard, Tangkoko,  north Sulawesi

One of the weird flying animals in the world , the flying lizard, is actually called Draco.Unlike other flying animals that use a membrane as a flying device, these lizards actually have wings. They developed from the ribs of the animal, which may be extended. Alien looking, these lizards have developed flight in order to be safe from predators because their name (draco, as in dragon) does not scare enemies away as it should.

And the weirdest of them all:

10. Flying elephant



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