10 Weird Things People Did While Sleepwalking

Sleepwalking or somnambulism is a sleep disorder recognized by doctors as such. The sleepwalkers make such strange things as walking around the house, or on the street, climbing on things, eating, assaulting other people and many others. If you don’t believe it, check out the strange true stories below:

1. Talented artist by night, nurse by day

lee1 source: Lee Hadwin is a very talented artist ; but only when he sleeps. Not only that he has no memory about his work on the drawings, but he also does not present any sign of talent while being awake. However, after falling asleep, he wakes up from his bed, takes his tools and does not stop until he is finished. While doctors have no clue about his strange condition, or sleepwalking talent, he does not mind it and is about to show his works in an art gallery.

2. Sleepwalker gets away with sex abuse

2.sleepwalking source: Tommy, a sleepwalker, was found not guilty by a Belgium court after having inappropriately touched a 9-year-old girl, because he was asleep when doing so and he does not remember anything from the incident. This case was very controversial, as it was the first time that such an excuse was successfully used in Belgium.

3.  An adolescent girl who climbed on a crane

source: The London police officers who arrived at the scene of the so called suicide attempt were astonished to discover that the young girl who had climbed 130ft on a crane was actually deeply asleep. They managed to bring her down safely, after carrying her carefully. No one could find the answer to the most obvious question: how did the snoring girl climb up there?!

4. Shooting himself while asleep

gun source: Fortunately-and I have to say it from the start- the 63 years old man who shot himself while sleeping did not die; he only hurt his knee. However, this was only by luck. Sanford Rothman woke up at 2 AM, after having heard a terrible noise. To his extreme surprise, Rothman realized he had the gun (that he used to keep on his side table) in the hand and an injured knee. He most probably hid all dangerous objects in the house from that point on..

5.  Sleep eating disorder

5.eat source: A woman who gained 60 pounds without knowing why went to the doctor only to discover, after some studies, that she had a disorder called sleep eating (how else). It turns out that she was eating all night long and had no idea; except, maybe, for the obvious: food missing from the fridge and trash next to the bed.

6.  The man who conducts an orchestra while sleeping

6. Leonard_Bernstein_Conducting_Orchestra source: Mr. Rosenthal is a sleep walker ever since he can remember. He was only 3 when he first sleepwalked and since then, more than 75 years have passed. Today after a lifetime of sleepwalking, we can say he got used to it. In one occasion, he even conducted an orchestra. An imaginary orchestra- sorry to disappoint you on this one, guys!

7. The sleepwalking murderer

7.CarSleep source: In 1987, Kenneth Parks drove to the house of his parents-in-law, killed his mother in law and tried to do the same with the husband. Then, he went to the police and confessed his murder. Shockingly, he was asleep while committing the crimes and was found innocent. This  case astonished the entire world and some people were not ready to believe in his excuse. However, the judges were pretty sure of it, especially since the man was known as a sleepwalker. He is on medication since then, so he is no longer sleepwalking to anybody’s house.

8.  A chef who cooks even in his sleep

cheff cooking source: Robert Wood is 55 years old and he is known to had been sleepwalking his entire life. However, lately, he started to get up from the night at night in order to…cook.  He makes everything, from stake to omelet and is not conscious while doing it.  Thus, he is not safe from cutting or burning himself, as you may imagine.

9. A woman sent emails while sleeping

email source: What can be stranger than that?! An American woman woke up one night and went to her pc. She managed to remember the password (impressive, right?) and wrote 3 mails that made no sense. One of them, for, example, was only composed by 2 words “what the”, while the other was talking of an imaginary dinner party with caviar and wine. SHe then sent them to her friends…

10.  Celebrity Chris Colfer is “sleep shopping”

10. chris source: The young celebrity confessed that he had sleepwalking problems from an early age. Lately, he said the he received weird packages with things he had shopped  on the internet while sleeping! He bought random stuff, such as a huge portrait of Lady Gaga ( huh?) or a framed portrait of Marie Antoinette. It’s a good thing he has the money to pay for them all! photo credits: photo1, photo2, photo3, photo4, photo5, photo6, photo7, photo8, photo9, photo10


  1. Lilricannyc says

    I need help! My husband does sleep walk and he becomes violent. He doesn’t sleep wall all the time, or every night, but it seems it has been twice a month for the last 5 months and there never seems to be a rhyme or reason to it. He gets up, falls over, breaks things, throw things, fall over, acts very belligerent and unstable. If I try to stop him he seems very erratic and the only thing that I can hope if he finds the bed quickly and knocks out again. there was one time,I was unaware he was asleep and thought he was just being a jerk so it turned into a huge fight,it did get very violent. At one point he did snap out of it and he get very frightened. I need help… he is going to damage my home, he is going to damage us, and he is going to hurt himself…. what do I do?

    • MJR says

      Hi Lilricannyc,

      I’m by no means an expert, but I believe the best thing you can do for your husband is direct him to a general practitioner. Even if they don’t know how to treat him, they can direct him to someone who can. If, by any chance, you are suspicious of what a doctor says, make sure you ask for a second opinion.

      All the best,


  2. Kenzie says

    I sleepwalk what causes it I’m only 8 I don’t really know is it where ur brain is asleep and ur walking wnd taking is awake

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