Top 10 Famous Curses in the World

Madden Curse, 27 Club, you have probably  heard of these curses already. Are they weird coincidences or is there some supernatural phenomenon that leads the destiny of the people who are believed to be cursed? With the recent death of Ami Winehouse, who now joins the 27 club, we can start taking these strange things for good! Here is a list of 10 weird curses that may be more than simple legends:

1. The Madden curse


The madden NFL is a popular video game, based on NFL players and features, that are updated every year. The first to appear on the cover of the Madden NFL was John Madden, whose face could be seen on the game’s packaging for 11 years, until 2001. Since 2001, other players appeared on the cover. The story says that all players who appear on the cover of the Madden NFL will be seriously injured or will lose their fame the same year: Daunte Culpepper suffered a knee injury and missed the last 5 games of the season and Michael Vick fractured his right fibula one day after the Madden NFL appeared in stores,. McNabb claimed he did not believe in the curse and accepted to appear on the cover. The Madden curse got him too as he suffered a sports hernia during his first match. The list may go on for every single year and every single player that appeared on the cover of the video game.

2. Björketorp Runestone

 Björketorp Runestone

In the Blekinge Region, Sweden there are several menhirs, arranged in a circle, of what is believed to be a grave field. However, no one really knows what the Rune stones are there for. What it is known is that they were not made by the same person, even though they seem to come from the same period, 7 A.D. One of them in particular, the Björketorp Runestone is really mysterious because it contains a powerful runic curse: “I, the master of the Runes conceal here Runes of Power. Incessantly plagues by Maleficence (Evil), doomed to insidious death is he who breaks this monument. I prophesy Destruction.” According to a legend, in the 15th century, a man put the curse to test when trying to remove the stone and use the land for agriculture. Unfortunately, when trying to heat it up and then crack it with water, his hair was accidentally set on fire and he died, after the fire spread to his clothes.

3. The 27 Club

3. 27 club

Also named “The Curse of 27”, it refers to a group of great musicians who all died at the age of 27. Generally, when talking about the 27 club, people include the following singers: Robert Johnson (died in 1938 of an unknown cause), Brian Jones (1969, drowned in the swimming pool), Jimi Hendrix (1970, asphyxiated with vomit after having combined sleeping pills and wine), Janis Joplin (1970, heroin overdose), Jim Morrison(1971,heart failure) and Kurt Cobain (1994, suicide –when he was a child, he told his sister that he would like to join the 27 club). Though these artists are commonly included in the 27 club, the list of singers who died at 27 years old is much longer, including 40 other persons, who were not as popular as the ‘official members”. The most recent member of the club is, sadly, Ami Winehouse who was also 27 years old when she died, on July 23, 2011.

4. James Dean’s “Little Bastard”


James Dean was a famous Hollywood actor of the 50s. He is best known for the movie “Rebel without a cause” (1955) . The “little bastard” was actually Dean’s Porsche 550 Spider. The actor’s died in a car accident, while driving the Little Bastard, very soon after acquiring it.  Alec Guinness (also an actor) told James Dean that the car looked “sinister” and prophesized that he would die in a week after driving the car.  James Dean died exactly 7 days later. Moreover, after his death, pieces of the car caused many car accidents and injuries: the tires of the Porsche were sold by the new owner of the remaining. They blew up simultaneously, soon after having been bought, causing the car to go off road. Troy McHenry and William Eschrid were involved in car accidents, while racing. Their cars had been equipped with pieces of the “Little Bastard as well. The list could go on…

5. Superman curse


It is said that the creators of the character, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster cursed it because they were cheated by their employer, Dc Comics and made no money from their great creation. As a consequence of their curse, the actor who played superman in the series, George Reeves, committed suicide, while Christopher Reeve, who interpreted the role in the first movies, had an accident while riding and  the injury paralyzed him from neck down . He died in 2004 of cardiac arrest.

6. The curse of the Hope Diamond

The Hope diamond is one of the most famous in the world. Apparently, it was stolen from the forehead of an idol, in the 17th century. The priests of the temple set a curse on the stone, which was to propagate over the centuries.  Soon after being stolen, it was sold to a French gem merchant who was afterwards attacked by a pack of rabid dogs and killed in Constantinople. Before his death, he had presented the Hope Diamond to Louis the XIV of France. Little did he know that “disaster” is the second name of this beautiful stone…Princess de Lambelle, who used to wear it all the time was raped and killed by some “Parisian mob” as a 1996 report of New York Times claims; the sad fate of the king’s finance minister who had borrowed the stone and died in prison late. Moreover, the jewelers that had it in their possession suffered strange deaths (such as the suicide of Jacques Colot). However, scientists reject the theory of the curse and claim it was made up to enhance its notoriety and help selling. I’d say it may rather affect selling, but who knows…

7. Curse of Tippcanoe

This is a curse which has many different names, such as “the Presidential Curse”, or the “Zero-year Curse”.  It refers to a pattern of strange deaths that affected the American presidents who were elected in years ending with a “0”, from 1840 to 1960.  Apparently, the fatal pattern started with President William Harrison, in the time he was just governor. He is said to have bribed Native Americans and taken their lands. Moreover, he conquered Tecumseh’s(their chief) village, positioned along the Tippecanoe River, which gave the name of the curse. Tecumseh’s brother, named “The Prophet” cursed Harrison to die during office, and that the curse passes to all the presidents who would get elected in a year with the same ending as Harrison’s.

8. The curse of the crying boy


The portrait of an unknown boy was believed to be the cause of many explosions and fires throughout the world. The painting was every time found intact at the place of the explosion. A reputed researcher, Doctor George Mallory was intrigued by these facts and started to search the author of the paintings. He finally discovered an old painter from Madrid, who claimed that he had made that painting many years ago, when finding a little, sad orphan wandering on the streets. Apparently, he had been the only survivor of an explosion which killed both his parents. The painter also said that he was warned by a priest who knew the boy, that he had been the cause of many fires, in all the houses that opened their doors for him. The old painter did not want to believe it and took care of little Don Bonillo (the priest knew the name of the child) until his own studio burst into fire. Afterwards, the painter banished the poor boy, who was never seen again.

9. The Poltergeist curse


The Poltergeist is a horror movie from 1982. Apparently, the extremely violent nature of the movie, as well as the plot enhanced the mystery surrounding it. However, the facts cannot be denied: four of the cast members died in the time between the release of the first and of the third movies. This curse is believed to have been caused by the use of real cadavers when filming several scenes. An American documentary series called “E! True Hollywood story”, had an episode dedicated to the Curse of Poltergeist, in 2002.

10. The Kennedy curse


When having a large, notorious family, it is probably normal that all sorts of accidents and tragedies might strike its members. However, the strangely large list of deaths and other disasters that faced the Kennedys even made one of the family members (Ted Kennedy, after the car accident that killed his passenger, Mary Jo Kopechne) declare that an awful curse may indeed “hang over all the Kennedys”. Like most of the curses, it all started with an injustice: Joseph P. Kennedy Senior had her daughter unjustly lobotomized, when she was only 23 years old. Rosemary Kennedy(the one standing) appeared retarded- at least in the eyes of a family with an average IQ of 130- and she had “violent mood swings”, probably a teenager’s reaction to feeling inferior and isolated. Thus, her father decided to try “to treat her” by means of a lobotomy, which left her incapacitated for the rest of her life. Afterwards, the death of Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. during the World War II, the assassination of John and Robert Kennedy, the plane crush and the car accident of Ted Kennedy, as well as the deaths of many other members of the family became subject to rumors.



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  1. Mila23 says

    Even though I like your article I do not believe in curses and I think they are stupid. They cannot affect us at all…

  2. Anna says

    What you wrote about the Kennedy curse can be true. After all they had a lot of accidents and deaths in their family

  3. Alexya says

    I was really captivated by your article… I have to wonder if the curses really exist or they are made up in order to get attention

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